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  1. Yeah I've considered using the regimen, but I already have a bunch of topical stuff from Neutrogena to Proactiv in my bathroom. None of them work.
  2. So this morning I woke up and not only do I have brown PIH scars that've been there forever all over my cheeks, but I woke up to bright red painful suckers around the end of my lips and a big red sucker on my forehead (the part where my hair doesn't cover). I had to restrain myself from straight out decking the mirror and breaking it. I'm at my end. I want to go to a dermatologist, but I'm pretty sure I can't afford it. I work a shitty minimum wage job and go to college. I would ask my parents b
  3. When you screw up someone's food order because you feel like they are staring at your face when you make their food.
  4. So this Friday is my friends 21st birthday and he has got a party bus. It'll be a bunch of people dancing & drinking on this bus with mirrored ceilings and what not. We are also going to be bar hopping and just partying till bar close. I'm freaking out because of my face and the amount of people I will be partying with in close proximity. Maybe if I get drunk I won't care, but then again what are the effects of alcohol on your skin? I'm thinking about just biting the bullet and asking my
  5. "you should try proactiv" you should try shutting the f*** up. Try it. lol.
  6. Ouch..That just sounds painful. When you screw up making someone's food order because you feel them just staring at you and you internally freak out.
  7. When you read all the posts from this thread and chuckle because of how spot on they are. When you regret cutting your long hair because now your acne can't be covered because the hairstylist obviously didn't listen to you. You're face feels heavy from too much product. You wish you're the joker so you can wear facepaint all day.
  8. That sucks I'm a nostalgic person so I have to have pictures. Photoshop much?
  9. Last time I was in pictures was around early winter when my skin was good. Pictures of me partying with a bunch of people. Now I avoid partying with super lame excuses of things I'm not really doing.
  10. Sounds like we both are having the same type of days lately. I tried to get someone to take my shift on Sunday, telling them I felt really sick because I didn't want to go to work with my acne but to no avail. Plus this really cute girl rang the door today asking for a donation and I couldn't look her in the face and that alone made things awkward. Every time I think my acne is clearing up, more seem to show up randomly or over the same spots that just healed. This shit needs to end! I have n
  11. I think it's out of habit when you worry about your flaws, especially with acne. When it's cleared you have to find something else you don't like about yourself. I hope it is temporary and you slowly ease out of it. My skin for the most part is clear except for this one area of my left cheek that just has a cluster of 3-4 pimples that I wish would just go away, but they won't. They just keep hanging out with me, while all of the rest of my face is cleared up completely. So once those clear up,