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  1. Hey Everyone! TNmtngrl here. 29 year old that has always had mild acne with a blemish or two and recently in the past 2 months experienced the worst outbreak in my personal life. It almost came out as a rash on my chest, shoulders, cheeks, forehead, and chin. Thought I'd picked up some sort of folliculitis so started Doxycyline and to no avail they just stayed put. It has calmed some but the outbreak on my neck and cheeks have stuck around. Isn't it enought that I'm beginning to deal with turni
  2. Hey Annie, Glad to know I'm not the only 29 year old in the world going through the same thing. Back in December I went through a very stressful moment in my personal life and my acne seemed like it exploded all over my face. I'd always had some moderate acne on my chin or occasional on the neck. But it went haywire...on my cheeks, forehead, chin, neck, chest, and back. Its calming some but still working on it. Just started the Duac and Tazorac regimen this week. And your post is just