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  1. I've always found that when you suck it up and go out you start to forget about it and just enjoy yourself. I've never regreted forcing myself out but i have regret letting acne keep me inside.
  2. I'm not jealous of anyone. I'm happy for the people that have money and good looks i just wish i could have a part of it but i wouldn't want to take it away from them.
  3. I'm 23 and i've only ever had sex with hookers. I've never had a girlfriend and it doesn't look as if that's going to change anytime soon. Of course it bothers me but what can you do?
  4. Isn't urine therapy when you drink your own urine in the morning? I don't see what good applying it to your skin would do to be honest.
  5. How can you make a meal without carbs? What do you replace pasta, potatoes or rice with when making a meal?
  6. Why not quit breathing :rolleyes: Smoking and jerking it are two of my favorite pass times eating used to be one but i've cut so much crap out of my diet that i don't enjoy that anymore. I have given up wacking it for a month. Didn't see any difference felt a bit more awake and the longer you go the less you miss it.
  7. Nice tips i'll have to check some of them out next time i eat glutan.
  8. I believe milk can cause acne. I had glutan free yougate but it still screwed up my skin I think barley could be a cause too. Cereal seems to mess me up. Now it's an apple for breakfast.
  9. savalon or anyother anticeptic cream should help if you leave it on over night.
  10. My skin broke out badly two weeks ago. I couldn't work out what was causing it could of been the sun or something i ate, Maybe both. I've been eating well and drinking only water and things are starting to get better. Was terrible two weeks back though looked as if somebody shot me in the face.
  11. I smoke about 20 per day (ciggeretes) I don't know if they effect my skin or not I've smoked weed in the past and it didn't make my skin any different but if you get the munchies and start eating crap then that will effect acne. I smoked crack once and my skin got really bad a couple of days afterwards maybe smoking does cause acne in some people but i'd be suprised.
  12. I know that food causes my acne. I'm not quite sure what but when i eat fruit veg and plain meat and drink only water my skin looks a lot better. Milk, wheat, glutan, eggs and soya are suspects but i can't be sure which ones mess my skin. Sugar and caffine would probably effect me too but i rarely take them anyway. Think pasta, chinese sauses and noodles mess me up.
  13. I'd rather date a girl with acne because i'd feel more at ease about my own skin and guess she'd have an idea what it's about. At the sametime i'd have a tougher job chatting up a girl with bad skin because i'd think that she'd think i was only trying it no with her because we both have acne. It's tough and for now i've just given up no girls with good or bad skin.
  14. Every three days is how i do it but it depends on how quickly it grows.