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  1. So I haven't been on in awhile, but needless to say, I've had acne problems. I'll recap my acne history quickly. I had extremely mild facial acne through high school, but suffered from moderate back acne which was very frustrating. After finally visiting a dermatologist I was prescribed Differin gel and a topical antibiotic. The antibiotic drove my skin crazy so I stopped using that and just used the Differin. I started tanning as well, against my doctor's orders, but it seemed to help my acne
  2. Just a little background. I've always struggled with mild acne. You know, you get a few, they go away, you get a few more. I've never had perfectly clear skin. When I got married seven years ago, I went on birth control for obvious reasons. In September of 2009, with much thought, I decided to go off my birth control, not because we wanted to get pregnant, but because I was sick of being on birth control and was ready to feel like myself again. I had read a lot of blogs and posts about