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  1. Hey guys, I don't have any pics now, but I will def take some later and upload them. Recently I've noticed that, oddly enough, along a certain line (right under my eye), my skin becomes quite red all over my cheeks and to the ears. It's quite noticeable and very bothersome. I notice that when I wake up in the morning, for a few minutes, it's not there. In fact, my entire face looks a lot better for those few minutes. I guess the blood returning to it does something? Anyway, it's almost like m
  2. Hey guys. I went in for a course of blue light treatments w/ ALA. Four total, once every two weeks, and saw a MAJOR improvement in my acne. Only four weeks after my last treatment, however, I am breaking out again. I am considering purchasing one of the less expensive ($100-$200) home blue light appliances as an at-home treatment that would presumably pay for itself by reducing pharmaceutical consumption and limiting doctor visits. Are these things REALLY as efficacious as the machines they us
  3. Hey guys. I've been battling acne for a couple of years now. I've tried ProActiv, Doxycycline, Blue light treatments, Retin-A, Epiduo, Acanya, just now starting Ziana, and some random topical solutions/suspensions containing erythromycin and clindamycin. I had some great success with Doxycycline/Acanya/Epiduo + Blue light treatments, but the effects of the latter seemed to have worn off only 3-4 weeks after my last treatment, and here I am again with another breakout. My CURRENT regimen consi