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  1. is your skin oily ? Dry? Stress seems to aggravate acne you are right due to hormones causing your body to produce more oil which is more food for acne yum yum =p
  2. im a little older then you but im going to try tea trea oil on my cysts because I heard they're anti inflammatory all im using right now is tazorac retinoid and warm water to wash my face i don't use any cleansers because it seems my skin is sensitive to alot of things
  3. well it made my skin much less itchy if i only applied tazorac i'd do it before you should try it.........can't have any aha or glycolic acid etc though i think someone said they cancel each other out
  4. I feel you, Im 34, and had acne since I was 18 im currently on tazorac gel which I think is a stronger "drug" form then yours Ive been on it for like 2 years, I haven't really gotten the rashes but I have had itchiness, until I realized that I needed to put a moisturizer on beforehand to reduce this good luck..........looks like your finally seeing the results of sticking with things
  5. Fuman


    which kind of tazorac are you using I tried the cream form and it just made my skin more oily and i think broke me out worst I then tried the .1 percent gel and that worked much better been using it for a couple years im 33 now only thing that has consistently worked accutane only stopped my problem for 6 months
  6. I got that to when I was on tane i had to moisturize alot to get rid of it though it mainly happened during the winter for me though
  7. I think they have a fairly close genotype to human beings is why they are used in scientific testing etc Im not sure but I do think alot of medicines do have to go through this process of testing on animals before some blind tests can be done on humans for safety and ethical means.... imagine if we didn't have animals to test on.........you think people would volunteer for side effects on the billions of drugs out there Im all against animal cruelty here but I don't think there's any ot
  8. That'd be great if your published! im not sure on how people get that done but sounds like going to get some good exposure if you do get published! Ill be in first inline for your book and autograph at your book signing =) but the market your right is not that friendly........you have to fight against so many other people! Im sure you'll stand out though! if they don't

  9. You definately should take a brake! working right after you graduate unless it's necessary.......nahhh go have fun!...........maybe take a year off go traveling etc .........and you deserve it after all you've accomplished, take it as a little gift for yourself........your brain is probably mush after all your exams to! Grats on your relationship to I hope it lasts! you guy

  10. make of this what you will: http://oxybutynin.blogspot.com/ meh thanks
  11. haha thanks, I wish it were halfway true! There are soo many smarter people then me in my class =) ah well, it's great your going into that though! as long as you'll enjoy what you do! Is your writing with the new topic you made on the org? New piece? I read it, it's very creative I love it! that'd be good if you'd have to do that for your career you have a knac

  12. really? good for you!! =) well im going for biology, hoping to get into a veterinary school or something afterwards lol but that will be a long ways off! what about you? btw i notice that you have a significant other in your profile pic =)))) was this the same guy as before?

  13. ahhh good for you! I remember you thought about going? but wasn't sure what to go for? im trying to get my 2nd degree actually and i have my finals etc coming up soon ugh, i know i shouldn't be on here but it keeps on drawing me here =) what are you trying to study?

  14. you know you can watch it online to think they have all the episodes
  15. i think stress releases hormones ...............well the bad kind anyway i think that aggravates it
  16. sorry to say but great! i was so worried , a dude on this board told me i most likley had a gut disease becuase every one breaks out in pubertty haha. i was SO worried! nahh i used to think after a certain age acne stopped but newp .........so many factors for it.......it kinda sucks lol
  17. yup, I didn't break out until I was 18
  18. omg!! is that you?? erinnrriing? I thought it was you??? but i wasn't sure so i din't want to make a fool of myself saying some stupid stuff that made no sense to a stranger! haha =) how's life been?? im trying to picture last i remember..........you finished off working at a vaccuum store or something like that? ........lol hope your doing good though!

  19. Anyone know what this is all about? If someone is running some blind tests on a new sebum reduction drug? http://www.wipo.int/pctdb/en/wo.jsp?WO=200...mp;DISPLAY=DOCS It said in the claims that oxybutynin reduced sebum production I googoled oxybutynin and it says that it's a oral pill for bladder control, but some of the side effects do include dry lips etc * hot, dry skin and extreme thirst; * severe stomach pain or constipation; * pain or burning when you
  20. hope everythings cool down there.....I heard about the flu bug .......they had to close all the schools in mexico etc.......hope your ok!!! take care Marisss =)

  21. Hey! It has been a looong time hasn't it? How's life been for you? Things have been pretty decent for me i've been getting good marks for my uni exams? I have my finals coming up I have to cram for though such fun =) thanks for messaging me though! I do miss our talks etc! hope everything is well though! ta!

  22. on your face? that's mainly the only place i breakout in im not sure if it's not good to put it so close to your mouth though
  23. hope things are going well Mandy! the other place kinda sucks without everyone........ah well take care!!

  24. i was reading your post saying you had a BS in bio.........could you find anything interesting in that field? im leaning towards that atm =) thanks well towards animal care vet etc

  25. i took it, and yes I read the risks etc it's your life and body do what you want I felt it was worth it despite the risks