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  1. Wow, your skin is SOOO good! and you're really pretty by the way that's so weird about your eyes.. I know mine changed color when I was younger also- they were originally very light green (until I was 5 or so) but eventually changed to yellowish hazel. I thought this was just a natural occurrence, but maybe I had an encounter with manure too?? thats SO weird, I had no idea that could happen!!
  2. hellooo. your walkie-talkie story cracked me up. by the way, your skin is sooo good. you're super pretty (even with the silly face in that picture.) also, your eyebrows look quite attractive. wow. bummer about the hospital.. passing out is really scary. actually its never happened to me, but sometimes i get dizzy and black out for a few seconds (don't actually fall over though.)
  3. I'd love to see your video! I myself am quite good at covering up whatever may be lurking on my face, but I'd love to see your strategy! it could definitely help some people. 5'9".. perfect! I hope to see you in a magazine sometime. Maybe you should turn this thing into a modeling log.. keep us updated, and inspire all us accutaners.
  4. You'll look great for your dance! I'm sure it will be really dim, maybe with a disco ball-thinking back to my middle school dances- oh wait, we didn't have any, haha. maybe one for the graduation, but i'm pretty sure i was more about the table with the cookies than the dancing. also, if you spray hairspray over the concealer, or dab on powder it will stay better. anyway my point was, concealer will definitely do the trick, so then you can just forget about it and have fun! I need to do some t
  5. Thanks for your response...you are so sweet! I am not sure what the doctor will increase his dosage too. He is 5 ft 6 in and weighs 120...so she can go has high as 55mg...40mg sounds doable...when your dosage doubled did you have a bad breakout?? I actually broke out a little bit worse for the first two months- the 40 might have caused a brief breakout, but I really noticed a dramatic improvement a little while after my dosage increased, maybe around 70 days or so. I didn't have any real s