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  1. Is there anything with the same affect as the acne.org regimen but much simpler and time smarter?
  2. hehe i so will read everything on your page heh na joax i wont so dont worry ok xx

  3. hey i know you lol dont read my blogs please lol

  4. has anyone used cetaphil gentle cleanser as a shaving gel.??
  5. i am 17 and havent had a gf before because of my acne . and i really want a gf . how do i ask a girl out???? i am on dans regimen and i dont have that much acne left...but i have no confidence my acne killed my confidents help me
  6. lol nevermind angel

  7. lol sowi i think i must of sent 2 messages.

  8. ohh hah and i don't have msm i think you said haha sorry:)

  9. zynal

    hey dan im using your products and its working =)

  10. umm yeah neutrogena has a good one! its in a small tube though but i know its works awesome:)

  11. Girls listen when i was young i use to be very vain....i mean that picture of me with the glasses DAMN!!!!! if only i could marry myself! ... ok ok ok back to the blog. Well in the picture i use to look like that before i had acne . as i got older i started to get acne ... so i was wondering do girls care about a boy with acne on his face?? DAMN i looked good sorry!
  12. wow thanks to every one.....i have decided to have naughty time every monday and wednesday night.... every other day is go to bed and sleep promise