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  1. hehe i so will read everything on your page heh na joax i wont so dont worry ok xx

  2. hey i know you lol dont read my blogs please lol

  3. has anyone used cetaphil gentle cleanser as a shaving gel.??
  4. i am 17 and havent had a gf before because of my acne . and i really want a gf . how do i ask a girl out???? i am on dans regimen and i dont have that much acne left...but i have no confidence my acne killed my confidents help me
  5. lol nevermind angel

  6. lol sowi i think i must of sent 2 messages.

  7. ohh hah and i don't have msm i think you said haha sorry:)

  8. zynal

    hey dan im using your products and its working =)

  9. umm yeah neutrogena has a good one! its in a small tube though but i know its works awesome:)

  10. Girls listen when i was young i use to be very vain....i mean that picture of me with the glasses DAMN!!!!! if only i could marry myself! ... ok ok ok back to the blog. Well in the picture i use to look like that before i had acne . as i got older i started to get acne ... so i was wondering do girls care about a boy with acne on his face?? DAMN i looked good sorry!
  11. wow thanks to every one.....i have decided to have naughty time every monday and wednesday night.... every other day is go to bed and sleep promise
  12. Hey boys and all the pretty girls .. listen i always wanted to start with my own youtube channel. But i have acne and what if people make fun of me ... what do you people think i should do??? help ME