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  1. Im enjoying your blog and i find that my acne is very similar to mine. I am now on month 3 of the regimen and have seen a vast improvement. Theres been days where i feel like im taking 2 steps forward 1 step back..ull know what i mean as you get more into it. Just keep doing it, force yourself. trust in the regimen. As for my suggestion..follow it to a t..go slow on the bp..remember that at some point you will have to exfoliate but do so once a week maybe after 6 weeks..OH my big thing..i have t
  2. DAY 85: Hello! I gotta say, i spend less and less time on this site. I am not completely clear..i dont want to say that i am not significantly clearer than when i started because i sure am. I sometimes worry that using BP for so long is gonna cause damage but oh well..so far its kept my pimples minimal and even though i am still healing i am not quitting the regimen anytime soon. I told myself i would give it 4 months. Even if i wanted to quit, i wouldnt, and there were days that i felt like th
  3. Sometimes it easier to think its the regimen so we dont even think about something we may be doing differently. As we get better we slowly cut out things we were doing to give ourselves the best results..i read once that if you keep getting pimples after you stopped then youre doing something wrong. Maybe youve cut down your water intake..maybe started eating something more constantly, perhaps its a week before your period..there have you be variables to consider. Keep on the regimen...dont give
  4. DAY 65: Wellllll i am happy to report that The Regimen is working. Sure its a slow process and some days i feel like maybe ill stay stuck at the last of it but i just keep telling myself that just like a burn victims skin heals over time, my face will heal too and all the red marks and scarring looking ones will go away..in time. I have been consistently doing the reg 2 times a day every day. The only thing i'm having a problem is settling on a moisturizer. Its hard..ive had dry skin for years
  5. Try using a BP wash instead and using 2.5% on spots only, you might see new pimples but maybe it will eventually subside.
  6. I wish i could help but i think u just need to find the right moisturizer...regardless if your skin is oily, its doing it cus its dry so its over producing oil. Good luck!
  7. Yes wait for it to dry before hitting the pillow. Youre probably wiping most of it off, hence the dryness.
  8. You should just call your doctors office and ask them quickly if they interfere. That will be the best most reliable answer you will get.
  9. How are you doing on the Regimen? Please tell me you didnt quit!!
  10. Day 43: I have been reluctant to update because i feel stagnated. Sure my face isnt breaking out like it was 6 weeks ago but its still taking its sweet time to heal. I dont know if its because obviously i had the worst breakout of my life, meaning all over my face, or what, but it feels like this is taking longer than othe breakouts ive had in the past. :-/ Yesterday i did a salt rinse, i just put organic sea salt in the sink, rinsed my face a couple times, used a little bit of Purpose just to
  11. i'm dealing with the red marks this beast called acne left behind after it pretty much beat me up!! BUT..why do you let what one person says or thinks get to you, at least without really knowing her intention? Look, they are going to go away when they do and when they go away it will be like getting brand new skin. If the regimen is working for you then next time just answer "yup, i am, but i am getting better so its only temporary" really, a persons karma is how they act, our karma is how we re
  12. Why not try Almays blush? The smart shade one. Its not a powder and its hypoallergenic. Hope i helped!
  13. Crystal Brookhurst

    The facewash makes you feel refreshed, the lotion is nice and light but does a good job of moisturizing. Its extremely harsh. It make my face feel dry, at first i thought it may work, then my face exploded and i am now 2 months after discontinuing use am still trying to clear up the pimples that it "purged" this is an exteme system. It will literally make your face explode! Even tho the only thing i still use is the Skin Perfecting lotion, i will never use this system again. The gel they give yo
  14. I think you should look into doing the regimen. Obviously your skin isnt liking the regimen you have now. I think less is more and you need only medicine. Benzoyl Peroxide. Get a gentle cleanser, either Dans BP or On the Spot By neutregena and a simple moisturizer. It will get worse at first because your skin will react BUT eventually in time it should clear. Getting rid of acne is a pain but the stories i read once its gone its so much more worth it. Dont settle for okay skin you may get with o