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  1. I've been on the regimen for over 7 months now --- I have mostly clear skin except for a spot now and then.... the redness will not go away. It's driving me crazy. I've tried different lotions and they'll work for a week or so and then the redness comes back, goes away, comes back, etc. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr - does it ever go away???
  2. I get a cystic pimple on my chin too everyone once and a while -- this last time as soon as I felt it I started icing it twice a day and took an Aleeve each day -- it's been only 4 days (usually they last forever) and it's already down to almost nothing. Just an idea!
  3. LOTS of moisturizer at night --- really pile it on if you have a good one that doesn't break out out...then try to jojoba method that posted on one of these boards.
  4. Definitely go to a derm or a doctor, you don't want that getting infected.
  5. That happened to me -- I went off the pill and had a pimple here and there but controlled it really well with BP, then stopped BP for a week and now I can barely keep up with breakouts.
  6. That has to be from the accutane --- why do you think it's not? Even if you were still breaking out after accutane stopped it doesn't mean that it didn't eventually clear you I don't think. Whatever it is it's awesome and you look great. Hope you're enjoying life and getting out there as much as possible!
  7. I also can't help but scrub a bit in the shower some mornings - it feels so great to get that stuff off. There's also a big detailed description pinned on how to do it with jojoba oil. But I think I do breakout from it depending on how aggressive I get with it -- and you might not necessarily see it in a few days, but maybe 2 weeks down the road. I think some regular users say they have to scrub a bit once and a while -- I need to do it, just not too often and not too hard.
  8. i just want to have clear skin for more than a week. or. have one pimple or two. im sick of the scars, the pain, everything. NOTHING works for me. i guess i just have to accept that.
  9. It's not a lot of money -- just store bought face wash, BP, and moisturizer -- which you may be using anyway? You don't have to buy dan's stuff.
  10. Did you recently go off the birth control pill by any chance? Or did this just come out of nowhere? I'm 28 and went off of BCP after 10 years.... about 4 months later I started my acne battle for the first time. I used to have pimples here and there every month, nothing major, sometimes none for months at a time, so this is extremely hard to deal with at this point in my life. I just got married almost two years ago and went off the pill to start trying to get pregnant...now things are on ho
  11. How long did it take you to not wonder what your skin will look like in the morning? Do you follow the regimen twice a day?
  12. I am feeling the exact same feelings right now --- can't believe that 1.5 weeks ago my face was clear - I didn't wear any make-up, just showered and left the house, thought things were going great....then another major breakout. Mine is definitely hormonal - I was on the pill for 10 years and had mostly clear skin except for around that time of the month and a few larger ones every 4-6 months....but since I stopped my face has gotten progressively worse. I'm using Dan's regimen - which I have
  13. When you first stopped everything did you have a bad breakout and then got better from there?? How did your skin react when you first stopped everything? Thanks for the reply by the way -- very helpful even if I don't stop everything it still feels good to hear from people who have been through it. Mine might be hormonal which isn't as easy to stop treating because your hormones are still going crazy -- but doing less is definitely the way I'm heading.
  14. You really aren't doing anything? Can you think of anything that you may have been doing last year when your acne was severe that you aren't doing now? Maybe it's the accutane working finally? Whatever it is your skin looks great! I'd love to come back sometime and have my own success post.
  15. TMB

    Broke me out horribly --- way too over-irritating. Please don't use this.