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  1. yea i think the SA will help a little bit bc it unclogs your pores and helps dead skin shed. maybe dead skin started piling up since u stopped using it and caused you to get new pimples. or maybe its just more old pimples that were hidden very deep beneath the skin.
  2. hey sadcaroline... does this take away cystic acne???
  3. hey... congradulations with your progress . i am trying to get my dad to order b5 when he gets back into town . do you have any before and after pictures?
  4. morning- -wash face with cold water and use cetaphil antibacterial soap for cleanser -then stri-dex pads 5 min later - then 10% bp vanishing 5 min later night- shower (medium warm temp.) -not get any water on my face in the shower -then get out and use cetaphil antibacterial soap -then stri-dex pads 5 min later - then 10% bp vanishing 5 min later i think SA will work with BP bc SA unclogs pores and gets dead skin cells off... then the BP can get into the pore easier making better results p
  5. does anyone have any suggestions on what i shold do... check under gallery for pics
  6. How old r u now include your birth date- 15 10-22-89 How old were u when u started to get acne- 14 Wat r u doin or usin for your acne- cetaphil antibacterial soap, 10% bp, olay complete How bad is u're acne at dis moment- pretty damn bad R u male or Female-male IS u're acne geting worst stayin the same or goin away-slowly getting better
  7. is this a good moisturizer(olay complete)??? my stepmom says it is and to just give it some time... but im not too sure, is there anyone here that uses it?