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  1. i have been using it for about 2 months
  2. retin a does absolutely nothing for me, if anything it makes my acne worse, is this common?
  3. i was on the tane for about 4 months and about 4 months later acne started returning as bad as it ever was before i went on it, leaving me to wonder if this "miracle" drug really gets rid of acne, or just prevents it while someone is on the drug. My doc told be it should be done with forever, so my self employed parents were nice enough to spend about 2,000 dollars on accutane for me, and now my doc says i need to go back on it and have my parents spend another two grand, wtf?
  4. been on retinA for over two months now and acne is the worst its been since off accutane, sounds like i'm going to have to go back on it, anyone else ever had experience with multiple accutane sessions?
  5. i always get the worst of my acne on one side of my face, and by worse i mean a lot worse, like little pimples opposed to scarring cysts, anyone else ever had this problem?
  6. i've been on tane, minocyclin and now on retin-a, but throughout this nightmare of acne, almost all my serious problems have been on the left side of my face. I highty doubt its that i sleep on that side of the pillow or anything because as opposed to the right side, where i get little pimples that are really no worry, i get big scarring painful cysts on the left. What is with this lopsided acne?
  7. throughout my acne suffering days, all my lesions have been on the left side of my face. I would think it could possibly be the way i sleep or something, but its not little pimples that could be caused for irritation, but deep scarring cysts. Sure the right side of my face has had some acne, but nothing like the other side, has anyone else ever experienced this or know something about it?
  8. I have a huge, painful cyst on the softest part of my cheek right now, it might be too late already because i've had it a couple days, but is there anything i can do to prevent this from leaving the huge crater i know it will?
  9. I have been off accutane for about 6 months now and my acne which appeared to have disappeared, is beginning to return. Although it is not yet at the intensity it was when i was on accutane, it is progressively getting worse. My doctor has since perscribed me Retin A and i was wondering if anyone has had any success with this product, because so far i am noticing very little results, in some ways it seems like it might be making it worse
  10. I used to be a very attractive person until acne came into my life. It was wierd because it hit me all the sudden and it never was terrible but it has left major scars now that it is gone (thanks to accutane). I have a picture in the gallery and hopefully if people can look at how bad I am scarred it will make them feel better about themselves. Its the most helpless feeling to look at thos pictures but I will just have to accept that this is what my face looks like now. I would also really appre
  11. engine22

    My acne scars- Treatments?

    Pictures of what acne has left behind
  12. I have scars on my face and it almost seems as though the pimples or cysts i never popped have the worst scars of all. I have read many mixed reviews on this but does popping pimples really cause scarring? I know its not the only thing that makes scars because I am living proof. I hate acne but not as much as the scars it leaves. I will have a distorted face forever now but i am just curious as to whether popping zits ever really made the scars.
  13. I was wondering if it is okay to use a home peel cream called epidermex when on accutane as I am right now. Accutane has greatly cleared up my skin but now the scars my acne has left behind are completely visible. Anybody ever heard of epidermex or had any luck with it? Any other product suggestions for getting rid of acne scars at home would be appreciated. One of my friends has a laser and I was wondering if doing laser resurfacing might help my scars as well. Any suggestions would be apprecia