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  1. In another thread you said your bench has plateaued at 135 for a few reps. No hate man, but seriously you're like the least qualified person to give solid diet advice on how to gain muscle mass. I get that this thread is about alternatives to whey protein isolate, and that's cool, but you realize you don't need any protein powder to get ripped right? And the ones you are recommending are so expensive the people selling them have to laughing their asses off at you buying them.
  2. If you're breaking out after the gym it's because you aren't showering immediately after your workout. When you sweat a lot, it clogs your pores and leads to inflammation and acne. All the answers about lifting weights making your test levels higher or inquiries into your supplements are bullshit. When you finish working out, take a shower immediately afterwards and see if it helps.
  3. It was pulled from the market because the patent ran out and enough generics were developed to make the name brand not profitable anymore. Some people have developed IBS; class action lawyers are trying to make it into a huge deal so they can profit. If you don't have IBS, stop being a hypochondriac and live your life, if you can lifeless.
  4. Cmon Necro, couldn't you get the shake up to 1,000 calories... I mean the extra digit kinda seals the deal for it being a bad ass shake. For some reason I can't stand oats in my shakes. Personal thing i guess. Been using dextrose pre and post workout instead and not really eating many carbs otherwise throughout the day.
  5. I've been done with accutane for about 2 months now, and my skin has completely stopped breaking out. I completed 5 months at 40mg a day. Side effects: Dry lips, joint pain, a little hair thinning, and it's worth mentioning I felt a little depressed for about 2 months near the end, though I don't think this was caused by the drug, but rather by other factors in my life. It's also worth mentioning I feel much better now 2 months removed from the drug, and similarly all the other side effects
  6. Was born in southern california, have lived on the east coast (georgia and south carolina) now for 15 years. IT'S SO HUMID HERE OMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously it will take you a while to get used to it. If applicable to you, try and drop some weight before moving here. I literally have to lose 20 pounds in the summer or I die from the heat!
  7. Same with me bro. Started in January, my whole face / chest / everything but my back is clear. My back is starting to clear up a lot recently though, give it time. Acne on your back is typically the last to go...
  8. I'll help ya. I've never taken a prohormone, but I plenty of people who have. The general consensus from the bodybuilding community is that they are a higher risk, lower reward form of steroids. Yes you can buy them legally for now, but the side effects from many are way harsher than the real thing. There are tons of different prohormones, so if you don't specify which one I can't help you too much on the specific product. What are your goals? How long have you been training? If you're ju
  9. This. Or thinking they're judging you even though they aren't.
  10. From your story it sounds more like a terrible diet / inactivity thing, not a hormone problem. Trying to self-regulate your hormones probably isn't something you should do. You'd be doing the same thing a bodybuilder does when he pins his ass... just something to consider. On that topic, I'm almost 100% positive it isn't testosterone, but you can get it checked yourself if you ask you doctor. I'd see if the antibiotic you've been prescribed works before doing anything else...
  11. Can you post your cumulative dosage numbers? That really sucks dude, and I feel for ya.
  12. This is probably a paranoia thing. Admittedly I'm an "accutane supporter", but my hairline has been impacted from the drug after 4 months of treatment. It may give you problems down the road, but certainly not from a few days of treatment.
  13. Your thread title is misleading... at least for me...