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  1. Hi! Random, but I just wanted to say your sig is AWESOME. It made my day. Thanks!

  2. JT


    Just wondering mans, has your skin ever been irritated by other creams or gels (like BP)? I'm considering Differin too if there isn't too much irritation.
  3. I have some stubbern mild acne that consists of mostly whiteheads, pustles, and lots of very tiny blackheads (or maybe they're large pores, I can't seem to tell). In the past BP just made my face look worse, and acne would just crust up and take longer to hear than without treatment. After looking back, the only time I could remember being completely clear was when I was prescribed took an oral antibiotic (erythromycin) and applied clindamycin to my face. As wonderfully as those two products
  4. Edit: Wow, balsamic vinegar completely drowns out the olive oil taste! It also changes the consistency to something that's easier to swallow. I think I can dive into this regimen head on now.
  5. Yeah, you actually PMed me your regimen before you started this thread. I think I got curious around the time you made the Omega 3 thread.
  6. Thanks Strider! I'll look into it. I've been doing all the vitamins and fish oils except for the EVOO. I think that's the reason why I'm starting to see breakouts on my forehead. If the olive oil is a crucial as NdnRomeo says it is, then I better take it again soon. I think today marks one month on this regimen!
  7. I'm having trouble with the olive oil too. The fish and cod oils are easy since you can put them in a drink. Luckily the rest of the regimen works well so I don't take as many servings as NdnRomeo does, but I wish I could figure out a way to blend it into something to make the taste invisible!
  8. pcpwns: Check NdnRomeo's response to Demorph, it's two posts above yours. You could technically replace the cod liver oil with two doses of fish oil, but you miss out on the retinol that helps with regulating sebum (face oil). tobias: 400IU is what I take. Try to find the lowest dosage possible, vitamins tend to be more than 100% of daily value anyway. listener: You're right, 5ml is one serving. 4 servings the entire day is recommended. I try to get in 2 per meal, but I'm really bad at this. I
  9. Getting a haircut is the worst! I thought I was clearing up, (and I actually am) but the mirror there just makes the redmarks show up like bones in an x-ray.
  10. Soultime, I take the liquid version of the fish oil (Carlson) and cod liver oil (Twinlab) so 1 teaspoon of each at their respective meals works perfectly. I'm not 100% certain, but the three oils has a lot to do with balancing your Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids. Omega 6 seems to be common in people's diets and the excess amounts of it without Omega 3 & 9 can make someone more acne prone. Olive Oil helps negate the effects of Omega 6, while the latter two oils increase the Omega 3 and 9
  11. I saw your sig in a random thread and I have to say I loved Space Ghost Coast to Coast! Thanks for the throwback. (=

  12. Much like K said, the retinol (natural vitamin A) content. Otherwise we could just take two doses of fish oil =) retinol+zinc especially. Retinol is very important to sebaceous activity. But too much is potentially dangerous, hence just 100% of the DV is needed (one dose). It all works out so perfectly this way. How are things going w/you NdnRomeo? Still on the same routine? Yup, I'm 100% clear now *knock on wood* =) It's been such for months now so I am pretty sure it's not a fluk
  13. Thanks i-have, Mine is actually more tolerable tasting because it's made by Carlson Laboratories. Their fish oil has absolutely no taste except for lemon. As for their Cod Liver Oil, it's defintely stronger, but tastes like cough syrup. I can tolerate that. Sadly I don't know anything about finding them in the UK. Well, if I combine my teaspoon of Fish Oil and my teaspoon of Cod Liver Oil, then I'm somewhat over. I think the fish oil alone was 1600mg! It's late now and I'm too lazy to check,
  14. 2,000 mg?! Wow. I've been drinking 1 teaspoon of Fish Oil and Cod Liver Oil (liquid of course) each, is that even in the ballpark of how much I need per day? Just to report, I've been doing this process for about a week and it's as most others have mentioned. My face has a little more sebum, but it feels more natural, rather than the feeling of plain grease I used to have. Tiny whiteheads at first, but no inflamation so far. ::Knock on wood:: Redness levels have gone down too! I think it's ac