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  1. beautybutter

    Starting tomorrow!

    Although I am not on Dan's Regimen, I know how exciting it can be to start on an acne clearing journey !Happy travels and good luck!!!!!Beauty B
  2. beautybutter

    Night before challenge!

    GOOD LUCK :)Beauty :)B
  3. beautybutter

    Retin A UPDATE!!!!!

    I hit the two week mark! To review: I am using Retin A in conjunction with the Obagi skincare system. My skin is so smooth. I cannot believe it. I have had always had acne, at least for as long as I can remember. I always cried over pictures that showed me with clear, pretty skin. My face is in no way flawles after 2 weeks but the improvements are really showing. My friend told me that my cheeks, chin, and forehead were so clear. The Obagi system I beleive is really helping even out my
  4. beautybutter

    For Accutane and DRY LIP Sufferers

    Try Lypsyl It is a PURE SWEDISH BEESWAX lip balm. BEST I HAVE EVER USED...I put some on last night after exfoliating my lips...they were super smooth when I woke up.... It is not greasy, but nourishing. It is about 3 bucks, but worth it...much better than BURTS BEES, BLISTEX, or ANYTHING ELSE I HAVE TRIED... TRY IT! You wont be disappointed. I got it at Walgreens. Beauty B
  5. beautybutter

    7 AM and I wanna go home

    Keep your head up... :)It sounds like you have a loving, supportive man in your life right now. There are many people who do not suffer with acne, that do not have that support ...Beauty B
  6. beautybutter


    After a week and a half of no pimples, I now have a whitehead on my upper lip....okay this isnt severe but i am PISSSED... two reasons why this sudden "buddy" popped up... 1. my period starts in three days 2. I am about to get an IB (YIKESSSSSS!!!!) .... so depresssing or am I over thinking this pimple?
  7. beautybutter

    One Week with Retin -A

    So... tomorrow is my one week anniversary with Retin -A. I know that I will not be able to post until Firday or Saturday of this week. My schedule is out of this world. Since I began this journey, no new pimples have popped up. The pimples I did have are either gone, or disappearing. The only one that is really working my nerves is on the side of my face. I believe it is a pretty large blackhead. At least, that is what it looks like. That is the onlyactive pimple I have. The burning has
  8. beautybutter

    Week 1: Retin-A 0.025

    Hey!I read your latest blog entry and it mentioned you were a teacher:). I teach 9th grade. Yetm at time I wish I taught the little ones...Back on track...I use the Clindamycin in the morning only, right now. I have the cream, not the gel. If you apply too much it leaves a white film, but when done just right(after exfoliation), its great! I really like it. Sometimes I feel as though the Retin-A is heavy on my skin. The Clindamycin is light, and really tightens those pores. As I mentioned above,
  9. beautybutter

    Cetaphil is a life saver

    So, I read some blogs and found that Cetaphil is a miracle moisturizer.... IT IS! On top of it (when it dries I apply my gloves in a bottle) and irritation is null and void. I finally dont feel as though a fisherman scaled me and threw me back into the water Today is the end of DAY 5! Whoo-HOO.... UPDATE: nothing new... No new pimples, just irritated skin. With this skin being so red, I am relaly avoiding social events. I am only going to the movies tonight, because it is DA
  10. beautybutter

    A Test Of...Courage

    good luck on the interview!Remember, own the interview....they want your services...YOU ARE IN CONTROL.... an interview should be a conversation NOT a lecture....Most importantly, the interviewer are not staring at your acne....Beauty B
  11. beautybutter

    The Internal Debate....

    I want to enjoy tonight...I mean it is Friday, and a friend is hosting a happy hour.....BUT how can I go out looking like this? AHHHHH...I also wanted to go dancing tonight...guess not looking like Santa and Rudolph the red nos reindeer combined.... What shall a girl do? Beauty B
  12. beautybutter

    Is that you Santa?

    I look like Santa... I AM PEELING. Bottom line. Due to the redness and peeling the past few days I can not tell if any progress is being made. Today is Day 5. I do not have any new pimples. Most of the pimples I did have flattened. One of the pimples I had prior to the treatment has popped up completely. It was a white head. Overall, i am happy because no new pimples have appeared. The Obagi system... I just use the cleanser (Clenziderm) and the Clear product (bleaching for hyp
  13. beautybutter

    And so the journey begins...

    Welcome and good luck!!!
  14. beautybutter

    Day 4: Full steam ahead to a week

    This morning I woke up, and face looked.....AMAZING! Okay, I know what you're thinking...that was only 3 days of treatment, how could there be a difference. Here is the run-down... 1. I had no new pimples form.... 2. Still no initial breakout (I am waiting, though)... 3. My pores were teeny-tiny.... 4. My complexion was homogeneous. 5. I still had visible scarring, and old pimples healing, but there was a difference between Day 1 and the beginnin g of Day 4... After waking up and see
  15. beautybutter

    Week 1: Retin-A 0.025

    I feel a lot like you. This has only been my third day, and I have no new acne. I know I have not even reached the week mark, so it might change; however, I am experiencing a lot of redness and peeling. I will take the "chemical peerl" over acne any day. We also (it seems) tend to have the same "type" of acne. I do not have cyctic acne but persistent whiteheads and black heads. I do definitely have a glow...mostly from the redness. One of my students asked me if I has blush on....it was the "sun