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  1. Come to think of it I have noticed the smell is even more medicin-y than usual...however it's not aggravating my skin!!? Oh, And congrats on your face;)

    1. I've cleared right up.. must be a miracle.

      1. andib

        Work n progress

        An old before.....hard to find a good pic...you can see some on the left side of my face....they're scars cuz I'm a compulsive picker....will be adding more pics soon!
      2. Pears soap is my fav...p.s. You've got something on your face....(bad acne humour)

        1. got any pics?

          1. If you had posted that image to anywhere other than on an acne forum, i honestly wouldn't even have noticed that you have 'problem' skin. Are you really using BP to deal with those barely noticeable blemishes?. I would think that the inherent unpleasantness that BP brings really wouldn't be worth it, because your face is practically clear as it is. I wouldn't downplay the psychological effects of even a few pimples, my skin was really clear except for a few acne spots and I don't know W
          2. La roche posay Anthelios with mexoryl is the most derm recommended... vichy capital soleil with mexoryl is good too..but to 'white" if you know what i mean..... La RP is alittle $$ but it's only for your face..so it will last! It's very lightweight also. Stick in there..I'm week 4 and terriffied so we have to support each other... Beggining of week 4... 3 new zits on this side...dealing with it!
          3. If there is no head on either of them, I'd be wary to insert a needle!! I did that once when I was 18...it got infected and the entire top half of my face swelled like I was badly beaten..my eyes were horriffic. The doctor gave me antibiotics and once my face returned to normal i was left with an angry, large red swell right between my eyes! I was terrified to touch it for fear it would infect again..so I left it for a week.....one night i was in the bathroom and I noticed that there was one tin
          4. Wow..your face looks so much better..I can't believe it! From what I can gather the scaring redness with continue to dissapate, and furthur down the road a few glycolic peels should help also..keep it up..you must be ecstatic!
          5. The first week was like that for me....in the 3rd week now and sometimes it still burns for an extended period of time....it will pass...and then you can complain about the flaky/dryness like everyone else!!
          6. Starting week three..still dry but the redness is beginning to fade...2 new pimples...one cystic..OUCH!!
          7. I have the same problem..though I just started the Regimen. Try the jojoba oil for sure...drugstore brand is the same! BUT.....If you wash more than twice a day, your skin will automatically produce more oil to combat the excess moisture loss...SO omit the 3rd wash if you can, It will help!!
          8. I did the test wrong!! haha wouldn't be the first time!! Bought a cleanse..started today..hopefully it helps with the body bumps..and my energy levels..!
          9. Also thought that I might have Candida..so I did the questionnaire...confirming my suspicions..but the saliva test didn't work..so now I'm not so sure???
          10. One week in and I've bumped up the Bp tp 1 full pump....I am still dry but it burn way less now so I thought it was the right time!! here goes nothing!!