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clears acne vulgaris in a few days, especially if acne is still active, and not some leftover, dried up, raised hovel a bit drying, a bit lumpy Works like clindamycin, forming a drying, mask-like film on your face. I try not to break this mask by avoiding excessive speaking, so it's best if used right before bed (I'm quite talkative). Also, try to sleep in a cool setting, as sweating during sleep can remove the medication. I find it is more effective, albiet a bit more uncomfortable

By Skinny1013,

Leg cramps, joint pain, resultant comedonal acne, heart palpitations, mood swings I used this for 2 months and could not take the joint pain anymore. It was unbearable, to the point where I felt I could not walk. Additionally, it made me feel like my blood was not flowing, which I know sounds strange but I have low blood pressure and this pill made it feel like my blood was circulating even less. This led to the aforementioned joint pain. After approximately 3 days of using this pill

By Skinny1013,

No notable changes or improvements I used this products for 3 months and did not see any improvements in my acne, which was nodular and inflamed. This may work for some, especially those with non-inflammatory acne. For this with cystic or nodular acne, I do not think this topical helps at all. This product did burn my skin when I over-exfoliated, but I attribute this to my skin simply being a bit raw.

By Skinny1013,

Clears acne, non-drying If used without a moisturizer, can burn skin or crack skin deeply enough to cause bleeding. Using without a moisturizer can lead to excessive flaking and burning. One must avoid excessive exposure to sunlight when using Tazorac. Initially, upon using this, I used too much, with no moisturizer. This led to cracking my skin deeply enough to cause bleeding, as well as excessive flaking of my skin. If excessively exposed to sunlight, this can cause burning and very deep peeli

By Skinny1013,

Clears active acne Drying to skin, can irritate skin if skin gets too dry, if used with a moisturizer, can be rendered ineffective I do use this when I do not want acne to flare up, especially after a microdermabrasion session. Also, if you do not have acne caused by hormones or cystic/nodular acne, that is, if you have acne caused by dirt, being a teenager or just a weird flare up, this is the topical for you!

By Skinny1013,

clears cystic acne in as little as a week occasional headaches, must take on empty stomach I take 100 mL, in one pill, daily, before eating. I call this, "my wonder drug". I SWEAR by Minocin! I don't know why I began to develop cystic acne, but Minocin was/is the only thing that has helped/worked! Within one week, my cysts (which were severe) were gone! I had over 15 cysts all over my face, and Minocin cleared them up. Unfortunately, I was still left with hyperpigmentatio

By Skinny1013,

None Did nothing for me I used this for two months, and this product did absolutely nothing for me. My dermatologist at the time told me that I should continue using this for a few months so that it can take effect, but I did not follow that "advice", which turned out to be for my benefit. I then went to Minocin, which worked wonders! I'm sure however, that this product works well for others.

By Skinny1013,

Did nothing to clear acne, burned I do not have sensitive skin - I've gotten peels, microdermabrasion, used tazoretene, retinols and many drying topicals, but for whatever reason, when I used sodium sulfacetimide products, it burned my skin. I stupidly continued to use this, thinking that it was just an initial reaction and that my face was getting used to it, but for me, it did nothing but burn my face. Forgetting these side effects, I then tried using it again, years later, and it did nothing.

By Skinny1013,

Can be worn under make-up, with a moisturizer. Doesn't really affect my acne. For years, I've "worn" Duac underneath my make up because I did not want to put any make up directly on my skin. I put on an Obagi moisturizer, then Duac and then dab on a tinted moisturizer, so as to ensure that my skin does not dry out. Before my cystic acne set in, I was pimple-less for years and I swear it was the Duac! Now that I have cystic acne for some undiscovered reason, it does little, if anything to help my

By Skinny1013,

Softens skin Eventually caused acne as well as skin changes Initially, this was the only thing that worked on the comedonal acne (blackhead, whiteheads coming in for no reason) on my forehead. Eventually however, after decreasing my usage, I noticed that anytime I would use it again on my forehead, acne would flare up. Additionally, the morning after using it on my cheeks, there was inflamed comedonal acne everywhere.

By Skinny1013,