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  1. With the usual medical supervision accutane will not destroy your liver (monthly blood checks) or fetuses (birth control). And the hair comes back after the course. Stop exaggerating. Accutane has repeatedly been shown to work for many people, chinese herbs on the other hand...you. It is a last resort medication but this girl is obviously at her wit's end, don't waste her time. I find it sad that people are ignoring this drug as i did for a few years, it's because of fear mongers like you.
  2. How is that jumping to a con Let's not jump to conclusions. As mentioned above, avoid the eye area!
  3. Didnt work AT ALLLLLLLL for me. I suffer/suffered from cystic acne, folliculitis thanks to antibiotics, and eczema caused by harsh chemicals drying my face. I've tried 35+ prescriptions (BP face wash, Benzaclin, Benzamycin, Tazorac, Retin-A, Duac, Ovace, Epiduo, Proactiv, Acne Free, microdermabrasion, facials, Yaz, Loestrin, Ocella, Minocin, Doxyclin/Docyclin, laser treatment, blue light treatment, cortisone shots in my pimples, etc - you name it, I've tried it. Minocin will cause folliculi
  4. Listen. SCREW the dermatologist! They have done nothing but made my skin worse. Have you seen a Chinese herbal specialist???? After having BEAUTIFUL skin until 3 years ago, I spent thousands on prescriptions, which were EH at best, got microderm sessions, facials, birth control pills, Tazorac .1%, blood tests, hormone therapy, , Ovace, Epiduo, Proactiv, Benzoyl Peroxide - you name it, I tried it. The more things I tried which DIDNT work, the worse I felt. I even got folliculitis - inflamed
  5. Try: Lemon and tomato mask Lime and tomato Turmeric mask Cinnamon and honey Cut lemon slices and rub them across your face, AFTER washing with a mild cleanser of course (preferably one which is less chemically invasive). Once the lemon is half dried, rub the tomato slices across your face. You can do this morning and night - just pick off lemon and/or tomato bits, let it dry and put on make up if you want. You could also do a turmeric mask, making the powder into a paste with w
  6. Go see a Chinese herbal specialist. No, seriously! The herbs they give you will keep you from getting acne, keep your skin clear, naturally and safely regulate hormones and generally improve your health overall. It'll also keep you from gaining weight - assuming you don't down Big Macs every day for breakfast lol. Try also taking dong quai and a zinc tablet each day for natural hormone regulation. Also, try Saw Palmetto. I hear that works WONDERS for hormones and skin too. I've tried all the
  7. Try putting hydrocortisone cream/gel on for the next week and see if the allergic reaction goes away in a few days. The gel is stronger than the cream but if you have a problem with oiliness, the cream might be better. Drink lots of water too. I had a terrible allergic reaction to something a while ago RIGHT on my face TWO DAYS before a wedding (-_-) and this worked wonders for me. You can get it at your local drug store, pharmacy, grocery store (probably) or even WalMart/Walgreens/Walbaums.
  8. It looks like the spots are still a bit "hot", like you just squeezed them. But really....they're not that bad...at ALL. Give it a week or two and I'm SURE they'll go away and be dried up................. But you can always try natural remedies. They cost less and don't have any of the negative side effects of manmade chemicals. I've had plenty of dark marks from using BP but fortunately learned to stop using that stuff. My spots go away in about a month but now even faster since I've stoppe
  9. STOP USING IT!!!! That reaction is your body's way of saying that it's allergic to The Regimen. Benzoyl Peroxide is VERY STRONG and can really damage skin - trust me, I've used it many times and not only does it increase the chances of hyperpigmentation but it also causes dryness, flaking skin and in your case, itchiness and swelling. You should NOT be having this reaction to Benzoyl Peroxide. The CLASSIC sign that you are allergic to something is that you itch and swell. PLEASE stop using t
  10. It seems like your body is overproducing sebum after the Accutane and this could lead to a buildup of punk and excess materials in the pores. You might want to look into some of the known side effects of Accutane - and I mean ALL of the side effects and see if that has any linkage. Or try taking herbs which will decrease sebum production. A mask of lemon and tomato (literally rubbing fresh lemon slices across your face and then rubbing fresh tomato slices across your face once the lemon has half
  11. Go to Vitamin Shoppe or another local store and get Turmeric powder as well as Neem. Also, at places like VS you can find Neem and Turmeric face wash. Apply turmeric with a bit of water until it forms a paste onto your face and let it dry for 30 min to an hour. Wash two or three times daily with the neem and turmeric face wash. Harsh chemicals will just make it worse - trust me, this is my third bout with this (after taking Bactrim twice, using Tazorac, Retina-A, getting facials, trying lemon an
  12. Thank you so much for your post! I'd gone to the derm (I basically live there) and had hydroquinone 4% prescribed. I was too afraid to use it on the spots but it spreads slightly to the surrounding skin. I recently began using Taz .1 and have seen a bit of improvement...though I'm going through the initial breakout now, which (though bad) is a sign that it's working, to me. How long did it take to clear up your skin? Did it clear whiteheads as well? I know skin is all relative but I just want to
    clears acne vulgaris in a few days, especially if acne is still active, and not some leftover, dried up, raised hovel a bit drying, a bit lumpy Works like clindamycin, forming a drying, mask-like film on your face. I try not to break this mask by avoiding excessive speaking, so it's best if used right before bed (I'm quite talkative). Also, try to sleep in a cool setting, as sweating during sleep can remove the medication. I find it is more effective, albiet a bit more uncomfortable
  13. Skinny1013

    Leg cramps, joint pain, resultant comedonal acne, heart palpitations, mood swings I used this for 2 months and could not take the joint pain anymore. It was unbearable, to the point where I felt I could not walk. Additionally, it made me feel like my blood was not flowing, which I know sounds strange but I have low blood pressure and this pill made it feel like my blood was circulating even less. This led to the aforementioned joint pain. After approximately 3 days of using this pill
  14. Skinny1013

    No notable changes or improvements I used this products for 3 months and did not see any improvements in my acne, which was nodular and inflamed. This may work for some, especially those with non-inflammatory acne. For this with cystic or nodular acne, I do not think this topical helps at all. This product did burn my skin when I over-exfoliated, but I attribute this to my skin simply being a bit raw.