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  1. just relax.and low dose accutane will be the answer to your persistent acne not responding to antibiotics.any questions just ask me.
  2. [email protected] comment again if you find anything related.
  3. please give your precious words on my topic friends,@seabs especially you since your say might mean alot with the kind of knowledge you possess about the matter at hand , http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/324167-how-to-avoid-scars-from-forming/
  4. hello ppl, i will cut to the chase without any introduction,so we have known that scarring is a menifestion of a battle that takes place because our immunity due to the overactivity of fibroblast and the mediators of inflammation,supposing we apply strong antinflammatories on an active lesion/injury,could we arrest the mediators from causing scar,,,,,for eg if not corticosteroids since they are notorious for skin thinning abilities hence atrophy,can we not use something like tacrolimus or mitomy
  5. i don't think minox alone would be a good way to go,wthout hormonal support any growth gained with minox generally gets lost in time and you end up below baseline,only people i have seen mentaining have been the one with high doses,you can play russian roulette with 5% minox bd but it will be just it.are you sure you dont have mpb descended to you through genes.
  6. stinging is not giving me any problem on the contrary the lack of it from new supply is making me doubt its effectiveness as the older supplies sting sting on my face.
  7. so i started getting very good results with azelaic acid 20 percent but it would sting my face alot, the stinging sensation would disappear when i used it straight for like 15 days but if i give it a slight break say of one or two,the stinging would return,.of late i have been fetching this new supply from azederm which doesnt sting but seems ineffective as well ,i still had some old tubes left and applied the remnant to notice that it still felt stinging and was also effective, does anyone know
  8. so i think this has been discussed and thrown over as another useless hypothesis before?
  9. i have postulated this theory,now i am not claiming it to be a fact and i am not yet sure if i have made it up all by myself as i might have retained quite a bit of it or may be all of it from some previous posts i have read here,there or anywhere on the web. we know dht is one of the main culprits behind excessive sebum secretion,we know mpb is attributed to the excessive dht and is significantly halted with the decrease in dht production achieved by finasteride. now the former manifestat
  10. i dont know if accutane could do that in one week ,my hair as oppose to your description turned dry from the original state of oily ,before i couldnt pass one day without washing my hair after accutane i could do without washing a whole week., although the oiliness is regained to a point but nowhere near the pre-accutane days.
  11. oracea is minocycline i guess,whats the texture of your hair- have you noticed any difference in it, like mine had once urned completely curly and now slowly getting its straightness back
  12. my shedding manifests itself in a manner just opposite to what you have described,that is i only shed hair while in take shower or after shower and on pillow but hardly ever during the rest of the time.My hair texture also determines a great deal of how many hair would i lose during a period say if my hair is straighter during a period that would mean i wouldnt shed as much although it hasnt been straight to the original texture i did feet a tremendous improvement back in october,that was when i
  13. its seems vitamin e and d helps in mitigating hypervitaminosis a. http://ps.fass.org/content/49/4/1050.abstract also vitamin k has been seen helpful in at least some conditions arising due to vitamin a toxicity. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1258540/pdf/biochemj00951-0105.pdf has anyone of you used any combination of these vitamins with any degree of success?
  14. my last cotrimoxazole experiment was but a failure although i admit i didnt give it an honest long try,back in august it was one month of contnual use before i noticed a complete cessation of hair fall. it was a coincidence as people here have reported 'honeymoon periods' where they have remitted to shed ziltch hair for a brief duration only to fall back to shedding as much as before if not more-i would have thought;if it was not for the indirectly propotional on and off relation i observed betw
  15. i tried it while coming off from accutane in an desperate attempt to combat rosacea and to prevent any papule or pustule. not only started to fall lesser number of hair within few days or weeks ,my hair texture again reverted back to straight from what it had turned waivy because of accutane. i have stopped cotrimoxazole usage a few times in between fearing its side effects only to find my hair problem coming back, i now am facing the same condition as i had given it up two months ago,t