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  1. I use Acnederm.com lights with good results. I don't know all the specifications, but you can read them on their website. Also, they are very affordable. The blue light by itself is $29, but I use the red one too ($39) and find they work best together. At first I used them a couple times a day to kill the bacteria that causes acne, but now I use in the morning and night. Good luck.
  2. Okay sounds gross, but I have found the my skin looks really good the next day after I have worked so hard on the stair master that I am literally wiping sweat off of my face; like a hose. It seems to really clean out my pours. This also probably relaxes me and relieves stress. Only problem is, I don't have the motivation to do it that often.
  3. Check out Acnederm.com, you might benefit from LED Lights. They can rebuild the collagen in your skin and help with acne. I use their lights and am happy with my decrease in wrinkles, and my skin looks more even toned. The lines between my eyes are almost un-noticeable now, and my smile lines are gone. I my skin is much more consistent with acne too. I grew up on the beach in California, so I know what you mean about exposing your skin to harmful rays.
  4. Acutally I have an Acnederm.com hand held, and it works good. I don't use it for 20mins. I use it for about 1-2min in the morning and at night; I used to use it a little longer at first, but since my skin is much clearer now, I use it less. I don't think using a light once a week is as effective as daily because bacteria grow, and if you kill or damage it daily you will see better results. I use the Red and Blue lights. Acnederm.com also costs a lot less then everyone else:)