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  1. Its the worst. It almost definately is from the face paint. I did go a whole day without topicals that weekend but I doubt that missing one day would make my face blow up like this. Lesson learned, no more paint or anything like that on my face.
  2. I was so clear for the last month or so and now my little red friends are back with a vengeance. My whole life seemed easier when I wasnt worrying about my skin. I was actually able to spend my time on importat things. My whole outlook on life was so much better. Then I spent the weekend of Halloween at a friends apartment. There was some Halloween party that we were gonna go to so we decided to dress up a little. All we really had was some cheap face paint. I knew it would break me out but I wa
  3. I was doing really good unitl last week. I agreed to have my face painted for Halloween and it was a HUGE mistake. I am broken out so horribly right now and I am almost certain it is from the paint. I tried to wash it off as soon as I got home but I was staying over a friends house and I didnt really want to spend half an hour putting on topicals, so I just used water. I was doing so good, it's not fair.
  4. Wow its even bigger today. It still doesnt hurt that bad but it feels like a marble under my skin. Ice and Ibuprofen took the swelling down some, but its still there! Im not a teenager anymore so does this mean I have adult acne now? ugghhh.
  5. My skin has been doing so well the last few weeks and looked especially good the last few days, until today. Today is my 20th birthday and I was kinda looking forward to it. Not for any particular reason, but its nice to get a card in the mail or whatever. I looked in the mirror this morning and there was a dime sized cysts right next to my nose. It doesnt hurt real bad but its really red and looks terrible.It really pissed me off. What a great birthday present, thanks acne.
  6. Good for you man. Ive been pretty clear the last few weeks as well and it does feel nice. I dont feel like dancing on a roof top or anything, I know I still have to take care of my skin. But I just dont think about my skin as much. I think I may have been similar to you in that, like everyone, I have days where I feel a little sad or depressed but It doesnt control me. Congratulations
  7. I haven't posted much lately because my skin has gotten alot better in the last month. I still breakout a little, but it is much more manageable. the spots are smaller and less noticeable. I feel so much better about myself. My overall mood has improved. I still make sure to take really good of my skin but I don't obsess over it all the time. I'll probably have a massive breakout now that I've written this, but I've been pretty clear for the last month or two so I think it's safe. There is h
  8. Ive talked about how much it bothers me a little to my parents, but never friends. I dont want to complain to other people how much I hate my skin. But then again I dont open up much about anything. I dont want to be thought of as some fragile, emotional person who always whines about stuff all the time.
  9. Rub your Aczone into it every few hours. It may not make it go away completely but it will help. How is that new stuff working for you btw?
  10. I like grabbing the little samples because they are easier to pack if I go somewhere. As long as there isn't anything drastically different from the regular Cerave I won't be afraid to use the PM.
  11. I asked the same questiona aqhile ago and no one answered. I wondered if it is possible to over-moisturize. I still dont really know, but I would tihnk that less is more. Having a thick layer of moisturizer smeared on your skin probably isnt great.
  12. Maybe. It is a lot smaller today. I can't tell if it because of the shot or if it is healing on it's own. I just don't know how he missed. Either way it's going away so I guess it's alright.
  13. I use CeraVe moisturizing lotion and it works pretty well. I was at the derm today and I grabbed what I thought was some samples of it. It is actually a new PM version. Is it any different? I almost don't wanna use it because I'm scared it's got some new ingredient that's gonna break me out.
  14. What does this mean? I showed him a small cyst on the side of my nose and he offered to inject it. It really isnt that big or noticeable but I was in the office for an appointment anyway. So he injected it with the cortisone and I left. When I looked in the mirror after, the hole was not on the bump. It on the very edge of the reddish part, almost on healthy skin. Do they do that on purpose sometimes? He injected that last one I had right in the middle and it went away fast. Will this new one st