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  1. I sooooooo know how you feel. It's gotten to the point where I dread weekends because it means seeing and being with people for extended periods of time, and that's my worst nightmare these days. Sad. It's no way to live. I hope your initial breakout dies down soon. It would just be so much easier if we could know for certain, and exactly when, the shit is going to end once and for all, right?
  2. I'm just now about to start my 4th month so I'm around day 90-91. I had my derm appointment this morning and a visit to the lab - at least I only need to get urine tests done now instead of blood tests. The third month continued to be my worst in terms of breakouts throughout the entire month and shows little sign of subsiding. My skin definitely looks worse now than when I started which is obviously discouraging. My derm told me this morning that it's common to continue to have breakouts at
  3. The good news is, I am now into my third month of accutane. I'm on around day 64 of treatment. The bad news is, starting about a week ago, I am definitely experiencing the worst breakout since starting. I so thought I was going to be in the clear at this point, but wow. It's awful. Really awful. I have dozens of red spots scattered all over my cheeks, chin and jawline. I want to scream and beat the shit out of something. I am so tired of dealing with this. Let it be done with already. The f
  4. Day 31. First day of month 2. Time is not flying by. Oh, how I wish it would! My doctor's office confirmed my results in iPledge late yesterday & I got no phone calls from them so I guess all turned out fine with my bloodwork. That was a relief. It would stink to quit now after suffering on it for a month. So anyway, I once again had no problems at the pharmacy today and now have 30 more pills in my hands, $150 co-pay later. Not much has changed since I posted a couple of days ago, not tha
  5. Thanks for the encouraging words after all my whining. I'm not feeling as depressed today as I was in my last entry. The crazy amounts of flaking eased off a little bit over the weekend so that helps. It's still pretty flaky but I don't feel like my skin is cracking open and falling off in pieces today. I had my lab work and doctor appointment first thing this morning. Both were very quick and painless. Assuming all looks good with the results, I will be picking up my second month's 30 day su
  6. Hey, guys, checking in. Seems like you're both doing well with the treatment. Sloooowly, but surely!
  7. Checking in to see how you're doing. My skin is peeling off, flake by flake, zillions of them. Good times. You?
  8. Well, here I am around Day 25. I haven't been posting much because frankly, so far the process has been miserable, and I don't want to come off as an insufferable whiner. It has been rough going, though. It started off with the red, scorched face, and now within the last few days, insane amounts of peeling/flakes have kicked in hard core. Anyone who hasn't experienced severe peeling/flaking with retinoids or accutane probably think - flaking, big deal? Uh, no. This is crazy!! Basically, I walk
  9. Hi, I'm 5 days behind you - I just started Monday. I have been having the crazy excess oil these first few days. Do you still have that, or has it eased off? It's driving me crazy. Sorry for the headaches. I hope those taper off for you as time goes on.
  10. Hello, gents - thanks for checking out my log earlier Helios. Wishing us all a relatively smooth ride and clear skin at the end.
  11. Thanks for the tips, Helios. I do currently take the pills twice daily, 30mg in the AM and 30mg in the PM. I had used salicylic acid products after each course to maintain. My skin is allergic to BP so that is out and when I tried to use the mildest topical retonoid (differin cream) leading up to this latest course, my skin could not tolerate it, even though I alternated days and used the bare minimum amount with moisturizer as a buffer. I tried it for 12 weeks but my skin never adjusted at al
  12. For anyone who is thinking about going on Accutane and is curious about the costs: My 30-day prescription for Claravis cost $150 with insurance. Without insurance, it would have been $550. Holy shit! Hope I don't lose my job and insurance anytime soon. That's crazy.
  13. Hi, I'm Meg. I'm 36 (soon to be 37) and have been battling this acne crap for most of my life. Thanks to accutane, I've had many years of clear skin, but it always comes back. My acne is currently mild to moderate, but after almost two years of trying the whole gamut of topicals, antibiotics, spiro, etc. to fight off this latest round and having zero results, my derm agreed that accutane was the best way to go. This will be my third course. My first was in 1997, the second, in 2005. So, I'm c
  14. Aquaphor is the best thing going for fighting off Accutane lips. Accutane just laughs at useless ole chapstick. lol
  15. *Meg*

    Larger breasts, no significant side effects, relatively cheap & easy compared to other acne meds Doesn't work for me, some fatigue I'm apparently one of the unlucky few that this med does nothing for. It hasn't made my acne worse; it just hasn't done anything at all. I have not experienced any drying up of my greasy, oily skin at all. I was so disappointed - I was so looking forward to that aspect if nothing else! I might as well take sugar pills for all the good it's done. I've taken 100 mg