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  1. Ive been on the the regimen for about 2 1/2 weeks. Working fine just wondering about the cleanser dryness.
  2. I am on the regimen. My cleanser dries out my face quite a bit, to the point where my skin is flaking even before I apply the BP. Does this have a negative effect on the regimen's effectiveness? I currently use cetaphil daily facial cleanser. Every cetaphil product dries out my face. Open to any suggestions.
  3. I have been on the regimen for about two weeks now and it is working great. My only issue is that I have been using cetaphil daily facial cleaner, and it always dries out my skin a lot. I have had this problem in the past with this product. Has anyone else had this problem with cetaphil, or does anyone know any other washes that are supposed to be extra gentle? thanks
  4. I guess that could be considered cystic acne. You have a couple marks on your face it is natural for humans to have imperfections in their skin. Unless its everywhere, two spots are absolutely nothing to worry about.
  5. Was your face slightly dry and a little bit flaky when you first started using the regimen? I have been on it for 5 days now, and my face is slightly flaky. How long did it take for this side effect to wear off? Thanks
  6. charlie09

    Gives skin a nice looking tone. Quick and easy to use nice smell comes in bar form surprisingly dries out my face, but everything does I use to use proactiv for years. I became really sick of the amount of time it took, and i was convinced that it was giving me more acne. This bar has worked pretty well. Hasnt completely cleared everything up, still a pimple or two. My favorite part is the ease of using it, probably because I came from the 10 min long proactiv nightmare.
  7. charlie09

    -clears up light acne -Makes face very irritated feeling -Doesnt keep face consistently clear -expensive -takes forever to ship I have been using proactive for around 3 years. I have gone thorough times where my skin is near perfect looking and not so perfect looking on proactive. It works better sometimes than others. Worked a lot better than prescribed topicals. It may work for you, everyones skin is different.