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  1. Anyone heard of this book that a guy wrote to treat acne internally? Does it work? And what are the main points of this book?
  2. i have the same thing on my cheeks. Its like a symmetry.
  3. i got a few of those. don't squeeze or touch them when they are hard. After a week, they will get soft and just gently get all the pus out.
  4. Are acne scar the red spot left behind after the pimple is flat? Or is it actually a scar that is the same skin tone as the face? Final questions, what home remedies can i use to treat my acne scar since all my pimples turned to flat and red mark.
  5. Could my water bottle be causing me acne? I been using this plastic water bottle (its a blue color one) for about a year and that's when i started getting bad acne. When i went on vacation in the summer i didn't drink from it and i was clear. When i came back and school started i brought it to school everyday and drank from it? You know how plastic will leech in the water, could this water bottle be doing the same since I put hot water in it sometimes?
  6. how long did it take to to see improvement. I think soy is bad for my skin too.
  7. Day 1, this is gonna be hard (i don't want that)
  8. No, only for some people who might not be used to hard water
  9. Do i have to use a filter system or does boiling the water before hand works???
  10. I moved from Ontario to Alberta. ON has really good water, but my dad said that Alberta's water is hard or whatever. And ever since i came to Alberta I started to get acne. Is there some relationship with water and acne?
  11. I got a new computer during Christmas in 2008 and since then i've been getting acne. Its getting worse and worse. So, during the summer i went on vacation for 2 month where i almost did not use computers and my skin was clear. I came back to Canada with my same habit of using computers for 2-3 hours and got acne again. There's a little article here: I'm having similar conditions as this guy. Anyways, i'm going to stop using computers for a month or two or use as less as i can. My questions are: