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  1. i may be "trolling" and whatnot, adding another response to a year old thread. but if you asked for people's opinions, people's opinions are what you are going to get. he did not phrase it in a particularily harsh way, he wanted to help you. and i find it ridiculous how just because you don't like the way he classified your acne, your gonna get all defensive and angered. grow up. AND i find it MORE ridiculous how all you the site moderators are ganging up on this adam, just for stating his opin
  2. Im 16, and have not really had any acne problems up until these stupid "cystic pimples" on my nose! I used to just pop them when they came to a head..but these ones on my nose arent coming to a head! So far, Ive been using Benzagel 5% bp to no avail. I also dont ahve many resources available and Id rather not go to a dermatologist..lol. Any suggestions/tips/home remedies? Thanks