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  1. can someone PLEASE specifically describe pf, appeareance, texture, symptoms. Im a little confused about it and when you look up pics online they always show the most severe cases. Im thinkin this is what I might have. Any pictures would be great. Please respond
  2. i seem to have developed these extremley tiny little bumps on my chin and along my jawline. someone described pf as skin feeling like sandpaper, which mine does. you cant see the bumps though, they are soo tiny, i can just feel them when i touch my face. Does this sound like to pf to anyone? I know people say mostly appears on back,chest neck, but this is along my jaw line, its definatley not normal acne. cant figure out whats going on with my skin. can someone PLEASE write back with a little m
  3. Made my skin SUPER soft, but unfortunatley broke me out
  4. Anyone have info on cod liver oil pills? Ive heard really great things about the skin benefit of taking them, was wondering if anyone had any luck with them.
  5. I want to try this!! Does the type of oats matter? I have some generic brand that just says 100% natural whole grain rolled oats. Will this work? I read that the oatmeal has to be cooked for its anti inflammatory properties to work, uncooked only exfoliates. Any thoughts on this??
  6. Well Im mainly concerned about the acne right now, and the fact that my face feels so tight all time now. Im used to having oily skin, since my mishap with the tretinoin and salcylic acid (been 8 weeks already) my skin has felt really tight. The rosecea hasnt been diagnosed Im just noticing some flushing in my face lately, which isnt normal for me. My main concern now is getting rid of the acne Ive been having lately, and finding a good moisterizer to relieve the tightness I feel in my face. th
  7. I have pretty sensitive skin, dry and tight feeling, and acne prone.( and possibly mild rosecea) Ive never had any of these problems before, I did quite a bit of damage to my skin by misusing tretinoin and salcyllic scrub and am left with skin that is a mess. So depressing... My derm reccomended cerave pm lotion. Ive read great reviews but also seems like some people have adverse reactions to it. The derm said some peoples skin cant the niacinamides in it. This could be the thing to really hel
  8. Hello everyone, so I think i damaged my skin pretty bad by misusing salsylic acid srub and tretinoin cream. Since then my skin has been a mess, and intolerable to the 2 basic cleanser and moisterizers ive been using for the past 10 years. Ive decided to try the caveman method, no washing (not even with water) and no moisterizer. Im on day three and my skin actually looks like its improving, no new pimples and the existing ones are going down. However my skin feels pretty tight and dry, no flak
  9. Would you suggest using this for rosecea? I have super sensitive skin and flush easily, most products turn my face bright red, do you think think would help with rosecea related redness as well?
  10. About 4 weeks ago I accidently applied a small amout of skin beaching cream to my face thinking it was the tretinoin I had began using a month earlier, I immediatley realized my mistake and used a nutregena salicylic acid scrub pretty roughly to try to remove all the cream. I then waited about 45 min and applied the tretinoin. I was fine for about a couple of weeks but toward the end of the second week I notice alot of flushing on my face where I scrubbed it. Ive been using the most gentle Purpo
  11. About three weeks ago I accidently applied a small amount of hydroquinone (skin bleaching) cream to my entire face thinking it was the tretinoin I had began using a month beore (the bottle are the exact same color) I immediatley realized my mistake and washed my face off then used a Nutragena 2% salicylic acid scrub and scrubbed my face pretty hard to make sure I got all the hydroquinoine off of my face, I then waited 30-60 min and applied the tretinoin (.025%). I woke up the next morining with
  12. is there any way to get rid of that puffy area, and why is it puffy? thats the exact problem im having, it just looks kinda swollen and hasent gone down. i dont understand how something can stay inflamed like that? its been about a year for me and it still looks that way
  13. has anyone ever had a cyst rupture under the skin, maybe caused by trying to pop it? im wondering what this results in and what it means to have ruprtured a cyst. could this result in a permanent raised scar? If anyone has any info on this i'd appreciate any replies.Thanks!!
  14. when people talk about permanent scarring caused by cysts can someone please tell me what kind of scars they are and what they look like?
  15. when people talk about permanent scarring left behind from cysts, can someone tell me what kind of scars they are and what they look like?