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  1. Hey guys i've been on the regimen for 5 months now and I feel like im real close to getting all the way clear. i only get acne in a small part of my face on on my cheeks near my nose. around the 3 month i actually was clear for like 3 weeks.. then it returned! idk why, but it's really annoying and the acne i'm getting now i can see start to form and it's real small then it starts to get bigger so it's even more annoying when you see them slowly form... any advice, i'm thinking maybe change clean
  2. I've been on the regimen for four months now, and from like months 1-3 i've experienced the best results from any acne solution in my life, but... i still got acne. I figured i'd have to live with the fact that i had a little bit of acne. Next thing you know.. around month 3 all a sudden it just stopped. i haven't had one single pimple in like 3 weeks. basically i wanna tell those who are on the regimen and doubting if it's gonna stop the acne (cause i was), stick it through cause it's definatel
  3. yep done it before, but for me it was only the first couple times.. i do it all the time now and it dosen't hurt. i shave at night and i use aha like 3 nights a week, if you have a similar regimen to this the more you shave and use aha together, the less it will hurt.
  4. I don't think you can become addicted, but if you stop applying the bp it will no longer kill the acne causing bacteria; then your acne will come back. It's best to talk to your dad/mom and ask them a rough age when they stopped getting acne. From what i read, Bp dosen't stop what ever it is inside you that causes you to get acne, it kills the bacteria that comes from outside that causes you to get acne. It's not a cure, it's a fix to stop you from getting acne, the only cure is time.
  5. I thought the same thing, then i thought, "well maybe dan's skin is very sensative, where mine is not." So i tweaked the regimen according to what i thought would work best for my skin. When i was using the scrub pre regimen i was using around 3 times a day for around a minute (this was probably bad for my skin) and it controlled my acne but i still broke out. However, since i started the regimen i use it only twice a day, use it as a cleanse before i apply the bp. I only use it for like 10-
  6. I've been on the regimen for around 1.5 months and i've seen great results. Around week 2 i noticed a lot of dead skin and i had the same urge, so starting from week 2 I used a gentle black head remover scrub in replace of the cleanser. I've read that these things do more harm then good, but they always gave me good results before the regimen, so i decided well mix it in with the regimen and it worked great. I'm really gentle with the scrub even though my skin is not very sensative at all, and f
  7. From what the video said, you only cleanse to get your face ready to apply the bp. I've noticed a lot of people use other cleansers that don't dry out their skin and some just use water, I personally use the acne.org cleanser cause it dosen't dry out my skin. However, i think you should be alright with just water as long as your prepping your skin in someway before you apply the bp.
  8. I usually work till 10 and always have to get a shower right after work. Me and my fellow cook always say to each other can't go anywhere without getting a shower first, not because of acne just because the way you feel when your done.. nasty. I usually blot my face with a dry paper towl when i feel greasy and it ain't really helping. I worked at this restaurante since i was in highschool, i dishwashed when i first started and it didn't really hurt my face at all, but now that i'm cooking
  9. I cook to make money while in college and it caused my acne to go from light to moderate... I'm on Dan's Regimen but is there anything i can do while in work.. usually 6-8 hour shifts to help my face?
  10. First off i'll start by saying i didn't suffer from any redness/dryness, don't know why but i got lucky i guess. Although I am italian and i had three people say "hey you got a nice tan going", so i got tanner has anyone else gotten tanner from the bp lol? Week one my acne cleared up, i'm guessing cause the bp dryed it all out, but then like day 5 whiteheads purged near my lower part of my face. Week two they cleared then acne purged near my cheeks and white heads on my nose. then they cleared
  11. okay ive been on the regimen about 2.5 weeks now and lets just say its going amazing. No complaints at all, however our boy Dan says this aha stuff is like the best thing since sliced bread. I'm thinking about ordering some the next time i restock on my supplies. If i use it as my night time moisturizer say 3-4 days a week (every other day) can it hurt at all? He says it makes your skin perfect, but im happy with my skin right now, and i don't want it to cause me to break out, can it?
  12. I got a job as a cook to work my way through college like 1 and 1/2 years ago. It made my acne go from light (basicaly just got a pimple here and there, no breakouts) to moderate. I ordered Dan's regimen and gonna start it when ever it gets here (may take a while due to snow), but does anyone have any personal tips on how to help acne due to exposure to lots of grease?
  13. jws


    This is gonna be hard, once this grease builds up on your face it's just a horrable feeling. Howabout if i got a dry paper towl and patted my face with it to absorb the grease?
  14. Hi guys i'm new here, and i just ordered the acne.org regimen supplies on saturday, and they should be arrving anyday now. i had acne since i was around 14, but it was never very bad and really never bothered me throughout highschool. However, once i started college i got a different job as a cook, my face really started to break out like 3 months after i started cooking. i started using salycic acid scrubs twice a day and washing my face with water when ever i get a chance at work, and it got