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  1. g' day... I have been off of my accutane treatment for more than 30 days now and have my post-treatment appointment set. Before I go in to see the doc I want to get some opinions from my fellow accutane users... Questions: 1. A side effect of accutane is decreased ability to concentrate. I feel like I totally had that one!! But now I am off the stuff and am still feeling rather ADD. What gives? Has anyone else experienced this? 2. During my treatment my stomach was fine. Now that I
  2. k. So here we are. done with accutane and on with life... my skin: not as clear as it was during the last few months of my treatment. I do have small brake outs on my chin. NOTHING like what i had before, no nodular acne. no cysts. my body is clear for the most part as well. i have some little, little guys on my chest, but again: i am not covered in acne, and no cysts. i do have these weird things around my eyes, that i had before accutane, and now that i am off they are back ag
  3. cortney


    Not sure what day it is anymore.... I have ten days left of my accutane to take and to be honest I am a bit scared. My skin looks fantastic and I am worried that when I am finished that my skin will be bad again. I have not seen my regular derm in 2 months cause she has been on vacation over the summer. Hopefully for this last appointment I will finally get to see her again. my skin: looks glorious, I have no active acne. I hardly wear any face makeup anymore!! side effects: dry
  4. I has been a super long time! But hell I was in italy for a month and then NC to see the 'rents. Then uber busy with summer classes, an internship, and work. So here is a bit of a recap of stuff that has been going on with my skin and all that business: Yeah the 8 hour plane ride from here to Amsterdam -- holy balls! It was like the pressure sucked all the pores on my nose closed and brought any remaining blackheads to the surface. When we landed i went to the bathroom and I had tons of
  5. day 63: Went to the doctor four days ago. She was pretty surprised that I still had so many cysts coming up. She also upped my dose, which is exciting!! So I am now doing 60 and we talked about going up to 80 next month if my side effects are still okay. I will cross my fingers! my skin: Icky the left side of my face is a mess! 7 gross things, two scabby peeling ones, three lumpy hard ones. side effects: chapped lips. And I am super tired, but it is also finals week... wire
  6. cortney

    day 42

    Day 42 and you've got nothing active, I am jealous!! I am gonna as my derm to up my dose! I am on day 52 and I have 3 BIG ACTIVE guys. You are totally spot on about not picking, I am so over it as well! SO how are your side effects on 80mg? I am rocking the 40mg and notice some, but nothing terrible. What are yours like??
  7. Haven't posted in a bit... Sorry. Time flies and with only two weeks left in the semester till finals I have had my nose to the grind stone trying to crank out a good finish to this year. I am also planning a trip to Italy this May so I have been doing a lot for that was well. It should be glorious, I have never been to Europe and I think a study abroad program will be an excellent way to go! Anyway... My skin: I have some super icky guys on my left cheek. Three cysts right in a row lik
  8. I am on month 2 and I have not had to change my work outs. I did get some super bad muscle pain playing soccer, but it really only hurt when I would kick the hell out of the ball. I was still able to run on it well though and if I would just push through the pain it would actually feel better after I warmed it up with a few miles. It did not effect my lifting at all. This past Monday I was able to play soccer with no problem at all --> I say just work through it. You're not actually inju
  9. EEEEKKKK!!! Okay, so I know that the waxing is super tempting. I am a girl who used to wax frequently, but now I am on accutane and have not waxed since I started. Here's the deal: your skin is different on accutane, almost thinner... waxing is TOO much. You run the risk of literally lifting off the entire layer of skin in the area you are waxing. I am not kidding --> I work at a beauty school I have seen the after effects of this happening!! It is like what happens when the wax is t
  10. cortney

    Day 41 ...

    Day 41 I did well and avoided alcohol this past weekend, yeah me! I ended up hiding in one of my other roommates rooms and doing homework, lame I know, but whatever. I don't really have anything new to report. Some good news: the pain in my left leg is gone--> awesome! Now I can kick the hell out of the ball at soccer and I don't limp away... my skin: my chin is healing nicely. I have grown a nasty guy right by my left eye though, I think I may name him Pepe. I wouldn't call him a
  11. Day 36 It is two of my roommates birthday's this weekend so we are having a porch party and then they are going to migrate out to the bars... We are expecting about 20 people. I am not super stoked about this for several reasons: the porch is off my room, which means I am going to have strangers and mere acquaintances walking through my room all night (it also means I have no where to hide), also alcohol is involved, of which I am trying to avoid. I also have a crap load of stuff to do --
  12. Yes, I have tried birth control> I have been on it since I was 13 -- for my acne. I take ortho tri cyclen which is supposed to be for severe acne, so I don't even want to know what my skin would look like if I did not use it!
  13. day 34 So my skin not looking so hot. I am getting a bunch of the underground cysts in my chin area. I am doing well with not picking the new ones -->so far. And damn it the one that I could not resist picking from a week ago is a scab and looks horrible, while the unicorn horn that was growing out of my forehead (which was larger but i was able to resist the urge to pick) is pretty much gone except for a hyper-pigmentation spot-- but it is level again!! I have one on either side of my c
  14. So I got my prescription filled, my liver hasn't quit on me yet! woo hoo! I was afraid that my spring brake would be an issue but it wasn't so that is good. I haven't had a drink since then and I would like to keep it that way, but it is hard living on campus with six others who enjoy friday and saturday cocktails! Oh well, I just need to be strong. It will all be over soon, and soooo worth it! my skin: I have two huge guys that came up, one on my forehead and one on my chin. I picked
  15. Thanks. I must start by saying that I work in the beauty industry-- I have been doing makeup for 5 years so I am damn good at covering my acne and my hyper-pigmentation. Thank god! I use a lot of different stuff but here is what I am currently doing to cover up the mess:make sure it is well exfoliated, nothing looks worse than makeup on peeling skin (--if it is super dry and peeling, I skip makeup on that part of my face all together.)moisturize! I am using a mix of clinique dramatically dif