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  1. oooooooh I like that idea! That's what I thought this thread was when I posted, but as I've backtracked through it there really aren't many pictures. I have a new kitchen toy coming today - a mandoline - so I will be making some new, pretty plates and definitely taking more pictures!
  2. Hope this works..first time trying to post pictures. I've just started trying to take pictures of the prettier things I prepare. Here are: 1- Gingerbread cookies made mostly of almond flour, date, ginger, cinnamon, brown sugar, tiny bit of water. I think that was all. 2- A cute little sandwich which actually came about while trying to figure out a use for leftover juice pulp. I combined carrot pulp with sundried tomato, flax and a dash of salt to make the bread. I put it in the oven at a
  3. I've been adding curry and turmeric to more and more things lately, but I'm wondering, is this stuff going to stain my teeth? They make food so bright and pretty.. I don't want my teeth to be that color though! In cultures where these spices are used often (daily), do people have less white teeth? I also regularly eat fruits and berries (acids?), eat tomato products, and drink coffee. Any tips on what I can do to prevent my healthy diet from hurting or staining my teeth?
  4. I read this and thought "I wish this was facebook... I want to press like for this post!!!" and then I saw these forums do have a like button lol. Guess I've been outta the loop.
  5. A friend gave me this wonderful idea.. Portobello Pizzas! They are the kind of pizza you eat with a fork and knife, but the taste is just as satisfying as pizza and you can choose how healthy you want to make them...how much/little cheese you want to use, what other toppings to include... Here's how I did it (I've seen many variations on time and temperature in recipes online) Pre-heat oven to 375. Scrape gills out of mushroom. To dry out the mushroom - bake it completely plain for ~7
  6. Wow, I feel so similar! I have been on these boards for over a year now, and I have certainly experienced that OCD-ness you speak of. A year ago I was planning out everything I would eat every day and tried to write it all down too. I was definitely kind of crazy and stressed out then! I am also GLAD I was like that for a while though. I absolutely don't think being stressed for a long period of time is good, but the stress of correcting my diet was temporary and eventually led to permanent cha
  7. I too buy the coconut milk yogurt! I especially like the chocolate flavor, it almost reminds me of pudding! The other flavors are kind of weird to me... they are just too coconut-y... and sometimes coconuts remind me of sunscreen lotion... the chocolate coconut flavor actually tastes like a nice dessert though whoever says its 3$ a cup, you are shopping at the wrong place! Here they are usually about $1.80. Much more expensive than a cheap regular dairy yogurt, but since they are kind of high
  8. exactly what was said above^ sugar IS the devil! we aren't kidding!
  9. If you are about to begin a sugar-free or low-sugar diet, I would hold off on supplements. How will you know how the diet is affecting you? Cutting down on sugars and grains will be GREAT for your body. Less sugar should help improve just about all those things you mentioned the mushroom does - it will stabilize your blood sugar, help your skin out, lesses inflammation, help your energy levels. It may not be enough to cure acne (you could have other issues or food sensitivities), but it will pro
  10. yes, when very diluted it isn't bad.... but I still would advise anyone who doesn't know what they're doing to NOT TRY THIS!! If you don't find a few good sources telling you exactly how diluted it should be (which is very) and know for sure you are diluting it properly...it could be BAD. KMnO4 itself is irritating to skin and eyes and can cause blindness.
  11. Good to see you back! I decided to check out the alpha hydrox product... I'm on the neotericcosmetics.com website, and there is an option to choose your 'regime' haha. As soon as I read it I remembered your signature. How long have you used the face wash? Do you think it helped with the red marks, or was that from something else?? Right now I mainly just use water, coconut oil, and/or some crappy face wash I borrow from my mom. I want something for red marks that I could use every 2nd or 3rd
  12. I really doubt giving up dairy products could have such a fast and noticeable impact. I also just wanted to add that I was raised without milk. I ate some dairy yes, but not anywhere near as much as most people I know. As a kid (like birth to 12 or 13 yrs) I don't think I liked cottage cheese or sour cream much. I don't remember eating yogurts as a kid either. I am in my early twenties now and I have perfectly healthy bones/ normal bone density. I somehow got enough calcium from other things I
  13. today: coffee b: blueberries and a tbsp organic yogurt l: salad of mixed lettuces and spinach, blueberries and ginger dressing; sauteed bell pepper, zucchini, onion, garlic, and basil s: chocolate and powdered sugar corn chex cereal.... d: chicken, mushrooms and garlic over spinach, lima beans
  14. last couple of days, I have been eating 2/3 healthy meals. I will make a healthy breakfast and lunch, and then dinner is just horrible. One night we had my grandpa's birthday so I had to eat at my aunt's house.. or not eat. I mostly filled up on the baked beans (seemed the least bad thing there) but i tried a little of everything. Yesterday I had a good breakfast and lunch (I made the spaghetti squash w/ mushroom/spinach/garlic/basil marinara) but for dinner my mom wanted to eat out. I try to ch