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  1. Has anyone used the cream kinerase? does it cause breakouts? could it help heal the skin while using retin a???
  2. Has anyone found success in using retin a every other day, instead of every day? Did it lessen the redness and breakout??? I am on tetracycline and am thinking of using retin a every 2 or 3 day on my forehead? any thoughts???
  3. I have been on tetracyclin for a little over a week, and the last two days I have been soooo nauseated. Has anyone had the same problem. I am desperate to clear up my skin and don't want to stop, but how long does it last???? Help me!!! em
  4. I have been wondering the same thing. I would love to fight wrinkles and acne at the same time. But I can't find it cheap on the internet. Where did you??? Retin a is a lot cheaper. But retin a burns my skin off,so would love to try renova, but is like 100.00 a tube!!
  5. wondering if anyone has tried to use retin a after about a month of using antibiotics. it would seem the initial breakout wouldn't be so bad. i just started tetryc. and am considering doing so that when i go off antibiotics the acne won't return. anyone?????
  6. I was wondering if renova would be more gentle for me since I have sensitive skin and mild to moderate acne. I have tried differen and retin-a micro, but my skin swells up and is red. I did everything by the book, but the redness did not go away and was very painful. Has anyone used renova before??? I am desperate to clear up my skin, I am 31 and a mother of 3 for crying out loud!!!