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  1. Use an exfoliator like glycolic or salicylic acid (I like Nutrogena's) - also, this video has a few other tips and tricks:
  2. Thank you for posting this! It gave me a lot of inspiration and made me appreciate how far I've come in just the last year, thanks in large part to this forum and dermtv. Thank YOU!
  3. I would start with an exfoliating scrub. That should work as the skin on your arms is fairly tough, which means even if you have sensitive skin, it shouldn't irritate it too bad. Good luck!
  4. @beto - yes it will. Blackheads are essentially caused by clogged pores, that oil produced under the skin can not escape. Accutane works by causing the skin to stop producing oil. No oil, no blackheads. See this video: youtube(D)com/watch?v=iPQYCyHtXF4
  5. That's spot on. In general you should do these three things daily: *Clean 2x day (With an oil free cleanser) *Use Toner (After cleaning) *Use an acne "medication" with an active ingredient (on the breakout) This might also give you some basic understanding of acne: dermtv(D)com/acne-101-acne-causes That's super basic type stuff, but as icandream said - it sounds like it's hormonal. It could also be that you went from an extremely dry climate to an extremely wet climate. If it's
  6. If you don't to put in the effort - just go straight for the accutane. It's not a cure all but it basically eliminated mine. It does have some side effects though: youtube(D)com/watch?v=iPQYCyHtXF4 Good luck! Julia
  7. If you have extremely oily skin, you don't need moisturizer. If you feel like you MUST use a moisturizer choose one that's water based or oil free. http://www.dermtv.com/does-everyone-need-use-moisturizer Check out that link above for more info. J
  8. You may also be getting stains from your acne if you pick at it. You can try a gentle exfoliant like glycol, microdermabrasion or bleaches (Not sure if this applies for your skin type). You may also want to check this out: Hope that helps J
  9. I try to limit my shell-fish intake (cause of the iodine!) and not to sleep with makeup on often. I also religiously watch this: dermtv(d)com/preventing-acne-breakouts-adults
  10. Wow - have never heard of this happening, but maybe try using a green tinted foundation (the colors balance each other out)
  11. I have super oily-skin and the only things that have worked for me are using a strong cleanser, toner, and exfoliant every day. I also got a lot of benefit out of watching this: youtube(D)com/watch?v=U4HAi7SICMA
  12. Thank you so much for sharing this!!! Such an inspiration. I've struggled w/ my acne for so long and it's finally starting to clear up! So grateful for your share! This has made me so hopeful: youtube(D)com/watch?v=AVlZitS64tM Hope I can help!