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  1. Accutane is a great drug for acne sufferers. I wish i would have known about side effects! Destroyed my life. Rather have acne!

  2. Hello. Are you Stefan Alexander Lay on youtube? Your last post on roaccuatne said u think it's best to stop focusing on finding answers.. However, I watched your youtube video about pylouria- was pylouria not then the cause of your problems? I suspect pylouria for myself also am not sure since my eczema only started when I took roaccutane and now it's been 6 years and it's still chronic... on and off...

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  3. I'm really struggling at the moment. As soon as I realise all my issues were started because of this drug I get so stressed out knowing I don't have a clue what is going on. 10 years and counting. I just don't know how to go on from here. I can't deal with this chronic fatigue for the rest of my life. Happy 2016 :/
  4. Hi everyone. It's been a while since I even thought about this forum, but someone commented on one of my videos today and it mentioned it. It's crazy that this post is coming up to 1 million views. I hope you are doing okay. I know that you're probably not and that you feel frustrated and lack hope that things will ever be good again. And I'm sorry that you have had to go through this. Maybe a fe
  5. dear Indigorush,


    what have happened with you now? did find the solution? hope you are doing fine :) 

  6. I just wanna say Im so sorry for your experience with accutane, (I saw some of your posts on here) I really really feel for you because I'm in the same boat right now. Just wanted to know if you've gotten better? 

  7. Seems like that guy recommends just taking the time off work and smashing out a 5 week fast / cleanse. Im at the same place where you are in regards to not really being able to quit my job and just drop everything. But if it needs to be done then it needs to be done. Try ask for 4 weeks unpaid, and then if thats not an option straight away, see how long it will take to accrue the time off. I thought I read about a guy on here that fasted in order to cleanse 'soft tissue'. Dont think it real
  8. I dunno what the topic of conversation is these days and as it's my birthday, I won't be reading the forum... but did anyone see this: Has anyone tried IF (Intermittent Fasting) as that'd be much more doable than a long-term fast.
  9. My skin is on the drier side, but it's not bad. And hey, I still remember how oily it was back in the acne-days. For my skin, I use a tea tree oil foam (so nice when you wash off with cold water). Then, I have an anti-aging moisturizer I use (I have the night and day version of Nivea Q10 - was in offer at the time and works well). My face is then smooth and softer for the day.
  10. To add to what I was saying, when our body is in stress mode, it's priority is to just try and survive. It's not to have a fully functional penis. I think Mother Nature kind of controls things like that... it doesn't want 'sick' people to reproduce. I wouldn't be surprised if we (as we are at the moment) would be unable to produce a baby. But I'm not trying to add worry. I just want to point out what should be obvious. Yes, we all want amazing sex all the time. But there are a lot of
  11. You have to be patient. You're not going to fix anything in 5 days. Let's remember that porn isn't the only issue (though everyone is best off without it). Most of us here (if not all) have fatigue (adrenally) and depression/anxiety. Ejaculating in the biggest issue. I've noticed sex is better if I don't do it often. If I tried to do have sex every day, it wouldn't work. Because we're recovering, There's nothing wrong with our dicks, themselves. It's hormones and mental (not me
  12. Hey man, im sorry you got diagnosed with Chron's and i sincerely wish you the best. I have family members with that and it was very brutal! I wan't to point out what you said about serotonin levels. I am currently talking to the doc about adhd/anti depressants right now. I am not sure what direction i want to go yet. No Fap is helping me dramatically right now. My brain fog is significantly less and the no fapping really helps with depression. I encourage people to read the nofap subr
  13. Yeah man, my hair mineral analysis advised I was a slow oxidiser. It sounds like you have a good plan on it. I take 22mg of zinc (1 a day). If you take too much at once, copper is released from the brain/liver and ends up entering the bloodstream and staying there for a bit if it can't be released. This then leads to terrible anxiety and overall worsening of symptoms. I tried taking a couple of zinc's for 2 days while I was working a couple of months back. I felt worse than ever. Definit