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  1. Hey! I hope you guys can put my mind at ease... About a week and a half ago, i *really* cleaned up my diet (not for the sake of my skin, cos it was 'ok', but for my health & to lose the weight i've put on from eating so much bad food!). I even quit smoking 8 days ago! Basically - I'm not smoking anymore, i'm drinking 2-3 litres of water per day, drinking 2-3 herbal detox teas per day, taking some supplements & eating a lot of raw vegetables etc. And guess what? My skin is the worst
  2. I can see it, she is sooooo gorgeous!
  3. Hi Guys, For the first time in ages, i cried about the state of my skin And this is after TWO courses of 'tane While i don't have many pimples anymore, maybe 1 or 2, there is not one pore on my face that isn't extremely visible. In addition to this, all the pores on my nose, temples, between my eyebrows, chin & on some parts of my cheeks, are clogged (wouldn't say they are blackheads, they are a browny grey colour). I think i've tried about 10 products that people *rave* about when it
  4. Kittenxo


    Try not to be mean, i've been in hospital because of chronic low self esteem :(
  5. I want Abbie Cornish's skin, as well as the rest of her http://www.imdb.com/gallery/ss/0381429/1.j...bbie&seq=21
  6. 67 (servere), and my skin is a lot better than it was. Goes to show skin improvement doesn't necessarily equate to happiness. Weird, i thought i was getting better...maybe not, i still think i'm hideous
  7. Omg, you should see *my* skin...that'd make you feel better! If you think that's bad (which, btw, you are entitled to think! To me, my skin is dreadful, but others tend to see it as pretty good and can't seem to see what i'm on about (wtf!?)), i'm very self conscious Seriously, i looked at your photos and though "wow, she has beautiful skin"...i'm not kidding. I also thought "what scars?", they are *so* close to unnoticable You're way too hard on yourself (I'm really guilty of that aswell!), y
  8. Ick, i know *exactly* what you mean! Generally, when i see a photo of myself, i get the overwhelming urge to slit my wrists Consequently, i usually avoid other peoples cameras like the plague! (they wouldn't let me delete them!) If i take a photo of me in the mirror (yeah, i've done this out of interest), i look exactly how i see myself (which is not good, but not hideous!)...but when a photo is just taken, i look seriously hideous I get upset because i try to think to myself "oh, it's just a
  9. Ok, embarrassing & stupid, but sometimes my boyfriend pops my pimples for me (he must really love me!) Needless to say, this absolutely kills! I never used to pop pimples, but it's making them go away faster (i mainly get red marks as opposed to scars & redmarks bother me less than actual pimples). Anyway, to kinda conteract the pain, i pinch somewhere else on my body while he's doing it. Ofcourse the pinch also hurts, however it doesn't hurt as much as the popping but concentrates a bi