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  1. Great, Thanks for the info on the emu..I dont have it and have been using vit e before bed but I will def get some. I do have some AHA that I use to use that I may restart just on my cheeks and see if that helps out with some of the dark stuff...Thanks again!
  2. I dig Muse! Dont tell anyone...So it seems like things are looking up for you! I am glad you are enjoying the magic of real shea butter..it truly is amazing and has been the only moisturizer I have used this entire process and I will use it forever I think because it is so frikin cheap and makes your skin feel like a baby's ass! Keep up the good work.. Oh and I just got a GAWD aweful mushroom haircut 2 days ago..15 inches gone to locks of love so that I can walk around like a total idiot for a f
  3. Day 58................ Wow, so its been about 20 days since I was on here and my skin is still getting better everyday. I have not had a single new pimple in 20 days and my pores had a second round of pushing everything out and feeling like sand paper..but it is super smooth again and I am looking much better. My crazy hand rash has spread all the way up both my arms and comes and goes depending on how much I moisturize. I am loving life not waking up with 10 new spots a day, I am praying my m
  4. I hope your little friend does not stick around for long, what a bummer but atleast it is not a cluster of zits!
  5. Day 38............ So I finally have the hand rash and feel like I am apart of this crazy club! It is not bad but it had been itchy for a few days and sure enough tiny red dry bumps! Ah well things could be worse. My back is a tiny bit sore but nothing horrible, I still have horid dandruf that looks like hot ass, my face has still never peeled thanks to my magic butter and dudu soap! I have 2 actives that are sorta driving me crazy because I went a few weeks with none..1 on my right cheek and t
  6. Ugh..My Triglycerides have doubled but they were not to worried about it since he said they will return to normal when I get off this crazy med! I hope all is well with you today
  7. Ugh.. Thank goodness she did not have to stick you again since you took the needle out yourself. That story made me cringe bigtime! I hope your doing well and enjoying smooth elbows!
  8. Day 33.... I think! Had my Derm appointment on Monday the 8th and he thought I was doing awesome and was suprised by how fast things are improving. I have not had an active since like day 22 or so and all of my marks are starting to heal alot faster than I thought they would. All of my nose blackheads are gone and my face feels so frikin smooth..Wished it looked the way it feels! as for my bloodwork....I have been like eating cheeseburgers for breakfast and it didnt pay off, My Cholesterol w
  9. I would ask your derm to keep you on longer..Voice your concerns and ask questions and see what they think. Good Luck
  10. The dry itchy scalp and peeling skin can be pretty common that soon into treatment. I hope things are going better for you.
  11. I am glad you are feeling better now! Are you worried about your blood work at all...I ahve been eating like crap and I'm not sure how much it will affect my tests. I think the DR will think your progressing because the meds are doing their job by pushing all the crap out. Dont be to worried about the dose increase, when mine went up I didnt really notice anything more severe so I think you will be just fine!
  12. Day 24......... I am sitting here relaxing with my head covered in EV Olive Oil..and I frikin love this stuff. I have been using it for years to keep my super long hair healthy but it is doing wonders for me while on this harsh drug, it has totally helped my scalp and dandruf issue and there is no more itching either! The 2 whiteheads on my forehead have gone away and didnt even scab so that is great. I have no actives at the moment just the healing spots all over my cheeks. I honestly have to
  13. Yay! another 28 year old female on 60 mg claravis....Me too! I hope everything goes well for you!