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  1. After moving across the country for college, my acne has started to get worse (the climates are pretty much the same though, so my acne shouldn't be caused by the weather change). I have noticed that the only place I normally get acne is in the t-zone. I get recurring pimples on my chin, by my eyebrows, and on my forehead. I have heard of using oil blotting sheets (I used toilet bowl sheets instead) to control the oil thorughout the day, but when I did that, the next day I had more pimples. Is
  2. I was just prescribed Minocycline tablets morning and night and Epiduo for the night. I have mild acne on my forehead and I want it to go away!!!
  3. I was just prescribed Epiduo today and Minocycline tablets for breakouts on my forehead. I haven't experienced any burning or anything, however, my face has gotten a bit drier since I put it on. I'm excited to see the results....if they're good.
  4. I just went to the dermatologist to see what was causing my red marks and forehead acne. I told him I like using organic, natural products. After I told him I use Tea Tree Oil he said that I should stop using it because I shouldn't be adding oil to my face. The reason I bought tea tree oil in the first place was because people on the boards said it was great for the face and that it is a misconception to not 'add' oil to your face to clear acne. I know I shouldn't just blindly take advice from
  5. I got some aloe vera gel yesterday that is 99%. So far, I love it and I feel like it has already helped my redmarks!
  6. What kind of aloe vera? Gel? Oil? I wanna try it for my red marks...jojoba oil hasn't been working.