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  1. You would have gotten PCOS during puberty because that's when hormones start to secrete in your body. To me it doesn't sound like you have it, but I am not a doctor so I can't just tell you to rule it out. However, PCOS is generally characterized by excessive hair growth on the face and body. Women with pcos often have a male build so they generally look more stocky and can be quite heavy than most women when it comes to their body shape. I would recommend that you stop shaving off your facial h
  2. FSAS, what are your symptoms? Usually symptoms of PCOS can be seen very clearly. PCOS is just a condition where a woman produces too much testosterone, it usually shows its symptoms during puberty. I am not sure, however, if the symptoms go away during menopause, if they don't, then yes PCOS will be forever. For many women it's not bad to live with, birth control will get rid of a lot of your symptoms, just make sure to watch your blood pressure or you will not be able to continue with birth con
  3. Wait it out, you are so new into your pill that it's most likely an IB. I have never heard of the pill you are on though.
  4. Not sure if it's the accutane just yet, since accutane takes a while to start working and usually people will start seeing their acne worsen before it gets better. Good luck on your journey!
  5. Progesterone is a funky hormone. While women have progesterone in their body, they also have estrogen which is a very important hormone. Progesterone may be the cause in birth control to make women irritable because as women go into menopause our body stops secreting estrogen and just leaves progesterone. And while there is no proof that women actually have symptoms of menopause, many women say that they do. However, every woman is different and no one has the same side effects. Which brings
  6. Every birth control has its side effects. One of the things about Yaz is that it was an incredibly popular birth control when it came out because of its ability to reduce mood swings and other side effects. If you think about it this way - The more people taking a certain medication, the more side effects you will have. You have to ask yourself these questions. Is your daughter overweight or obese? Does she have any possible health conditions that may interfere with birth control? Birth control
  7. Hey Lois, unfortunately many women break out around the chin/jawline when they are on birth control, this type of acne is called hormonal acne. Since you are so new in your pack, it is difficult to tell if your body will adjust to the hormones or if you will continue breaking out. Birth control is trial and error for some women. My recommendation would be to give your body a chance to adjust, especially if this is your first time on birth control. Most women don't realize that this is a big chan
  8. Sometimes it takes until the 3rd or 4th pack to clear up, everyone is different so don't be discouraged if your acne is not cleared by the 2nd pack.
  9. Agree with californiaEstie, using a scrub everyday will make acne worse because it will aggravate acne no matter how gentle they say the scrub is, and you really should be using what your physician gives you. I recommend either a cloth or the Clarisonic Mia, however the Clarisonic is kind of expensive.
  10. I would get a mild to gentle cleanser. If you find one make sure it is fragrance free and for sensitive skin. You are right, you should treat before moisturizing. So then you would put on your BP. After that, use a moisturizer, any moisturizer that is not too heavy but not light is perfect. I usually don't condone Clinique, but I use their Dramatically Different moisturizer and I really like it. However, I have heard good things about the Cetaphil moisturizer.
  11. Although an effective form of treatment, BP isn't a miracle and can also cause dryness/irritation for the skin. However, this may also be an initial break out which would cause all of the dirt and oil from underneath the surface of your skin to come out and cause acne. Keep using acne-free, don't give up just because it's not working as quickly as you would like, it takes time. If it has been over a month and you find this treatment isn't as effective as you would like then move on to anothe
  12. Sometimes this method works and sometimes it doesn't. It worked for me for about a week, my acne seemed to get better and then it just all came back. Unfortunately, anything to get rid of acne is trial and error. While harsh soaps and ingredients could be drying out your skin and causing you problems, you may have problems as well by not removing the dirt and oil on your face when you go to bed and wake up in the morning. However, I agree with awakeodin, if you don't have oily or dry flaky skin
  13. LMAO, AmaraG! I read about that, good grief!!! I hope he is as well honestly, but knowing the politics when you are a big star his lawyers will probably find some way to cover it up even if he is the father. I agree, Katy Perry does seem to have acne-prone skin but I doubt she uses pro active. Haylee Williams of Paramore seems to have acne-prone skin as well, you can tell in one of her live videos with the camera really close up she tries to hide it with her make up. I can honestly say t
  14. Lol, I hate Justin as well, he annoys me.