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  1. I use la roche posay toleriane dermo cleanser which you can use with or without water.. Very gentle on your skin.. I have very sensitive skin so it works great. I use Glaxal Base moisturizer. Its just a plain moisturizer with no shit in it.. Its very thick but it doesn't irritate my skin.. My skin is a red/pinkish look to it. I am trying to get that redness out for good so I just ordered Rosa Relief Skin Cream.. Going to give it a try.. Will keep you posted.. Hope this helps..
  2. I have been using Minocycline for 3 months now. I take a 50mg twice a day.. It took about 8 weeks to start really working.. I am about 98% clear.. The only side effect I have was my skin gets itchy all over. U have to be very careful in the sun.. I use a 60 sunscreen. I also have rosacea. Minocycline works great for acne but does nothing for my rosacea. Good luck
  3. For the last month I have been taking pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5) and have seen some improvements with my acne. But the acne is still there.. So i decided to go to my doctors and he put me on minocycline 100 mg a day.. Can I take both of these together.. I read the B5 can affect the potency of the minocycline So I have been taking the Minocycline at 8:00am and I don't take my first dose of Vitamin B5 till 10:00am.. Any1 thried them together.. Thanks