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  1. It took a couple weeks for most of the red spots to go away. As far as not getting pimples, I would say the first couple weeks were the worst, new ones came to the surface. However, they weren't as bad as the pimples I got before the Retin A. After about the 4th week my skin was much clearer. I stopped having to wear makeup by then. Don't get scared if you skin isn't clearing right away or you get more breakouts, it will go away, you just have to stick with it. I really recommend not sque
  2. I had wonderful results with the Retin A removing my purple/red scars. I tried Mederma over a year ago, before I went on Retin A, and it didn't do anything for me. My mom also tried it with no luck. I would give the Retin A a try, good luck!
  3. Now I'm wondering though, if I use the moisturizer to prevent the flakey skin, will the retin a still work as well? I'm thinking that if the moisturizer prevents my skin from flaking then I won't be getting as good of a "peel" as I would if I didn't use the moisturizer. What do you think? Thanks again!
  4. I'll be patient then! Thanks for recommending that moisturizer, I'm gonna run to the store now!
  5. I used to be on Ortho Tricyclen in my early 20's and never had pimples. I've been off of it for a couple years now and I have been getting cystic pimples and small white heads. I think it can be helpful to some people.
  6. I've used both retin a micro and retin a cream and they both gave me flaky dry skin. Currently I'm on the regular retin a (apx. 2 weeks) and my skin will not stop peeling. Does this go away after time? If not, can anyone recomend a moisturizer that doesn't cause more pimples? Thanks!
  7. are you using retin a micro or cream? i was using micro but experienced very little of what you are describing. i'm starting up the cream today and am wondering if that's what you are using so i know what to expect. also, i picked at my skin when i was on micro, the pimples "popped" very easily but i was left with an even worse red mark. the good thing is, the redness went away more quickly than when i squeezed and wasn't using retin a.
  8. Since I'm older than your daughter I'm not sure if I am a good comparison but I experienced the same thing. My pimples turned into red marks but that didn't last long and it didn't scar. The skin flaked off of the marks also. Since she is using moisturizer, you may not notice that. Also, in the beginning when the retin-a was bringing new pimples to the surface, the redness didn't last nearly as long as it did when I had a pimple and wasn't on retin-a. Also, a few times I got small red burns
  9. Hi, I posted earlier about being confused by the different kinds of retin-a. Since I understand a little more, I have now narrowed it down to buying the .1% Microgel, which I've had great luck with, or the .1% cream, since it's cheaper than the micro. Does anyone have any input as to which one is better? I'm just nervous about getting the cream just to save money and having it not work as well as the microgel. Thanks a bunch!
  10. Thank you for replying. I had no idea that one absorbs more quickly than the other. Does the regual retin-a work better, since it's absorbed right away? I found a place online that sells 3 40 g. tubes of it for $75 total, seems very cheap to me, makes me wonder if it's not as good as micro.
  11. hi...i have been using retin-a micro that i purchased online. i'm just about done with it and ready to reorder. i've noticed that there are several different kinds of retin-a and am confused now. is microgel the strongest? i saw that ortho derm. and janssen-cilag both make different strengths, does anyone know what the difference is? any help would be appreciated!