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  1. i have been on accutane... and i can tell you that it will surely work... good luck with your course..
  2. Aris786

    - It actually works!! - No more Oil - Gives your confidence Back - does not leave scars.... - fades brown marks. - Chapped lips - Price i had acne for 5 years i am 18 now... i completed my 6 month course last august.. And I haven't got a single zit since then... If nothing is working for you then go for it....
  3. I also started from 20 mg. In the beginning everything was fine but after about a month i had very bad back/head ache... after 2 days of suffering, i realized that it was because of the multivitamin which i had started to take.. it had very high amount of Vitamin A. i stopped taking it and the pain went away the very next day...
  4. So i will be completing my accutane journey in next 5 days... and i want to know how long should i wait before using 2% Hydroquinone and .0025% tretion cream to treat brown marks ??
  5. i was on 20 mg a day for first 3 weeks but still i got a terrible IB in my week 2 or 3...
  6. salam... i also like zain bhikha....

  7. this is exactly what i wanted to ask.... right now i am in my month 3 and i still break out after ejaculation.. but not like pre accutane. now i get 2 or 3 small zits after ejaculation which go away quickly..
  8. Awesome!!! I'm happy for you! Thanks i love my skin now

  9. how are you now?

  10. there were times when i had 15+ littel monsters on my face, but now everything is fine Thnanks to accutane!! Just keep your hopes up, everything will be fine soon...:)
  11. hey, good luck with your accutane journey...
  12. Glad to hear dat... happy 4 u.. i m 4m ahmedabd btw..

  13. am all clear from acne now!..marks are also fading really fast...from which city are you?

  14. i m fine. after two months of isotretion finally i m seeing some improvements..wht abt u?