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  1. Hi guys, Sickofthis, thanks for the info- my OB has said that I can do a short course of erythro if I want to- but I'm really reluctant to put any meds in my bod. As far as topicals, she has given me the go ahead on almost anything except topicals containing any VitA or tetracycline. I was recommended tea tree oil and azeliac (sp?) acid so I picked up some of each at the pharmacy. I can seem to locate any OTC glycolic acid wash here- I may have to visit a derm or a facialist. But I started t
  2. Thanks so much for your message. I'm sorry you had such a hard time with your skin during pragnancy, but it is comforting to know that others have suffered the same way I am currently! I seem to have waves of breakouts with cysts around my chin and I now have lots of bumps on my forehead, a place I never used to get much acne at all. I have been using a Clearasil wash with SA- but I'll double check the use of that with my Dr. It's not doing a whole lot anyway! I'll check on the glycolic acid
  3. Hi there, So glad that spirono is working for you! I am now 18 weeks pregnant and very happy about that , but my acne has flared with the extra hormones surging through the bod. Oh well, I can cope for such a blessing. After breastfeeding I think I will go back onto spriono and BCP to avoid the bi-monthly periods. I think it is the only thing that works for me. In the meantime, any good topical, safe-during-pregnancy recommendations? Fi
  4. Hey all, Haven't posted in ages- but thought it was time to report back on my experience with Spironolactone (or Aldactone). I start Spiro about 5.5 months ago. Quick background- I'm 29, have had acne since age 11, have tried it all with limited success. The regimine worked alright for me but I still had cyclic breakouts and my face was always irritated. So, I finally talked to my doc about the possibility of hormonal acne- he suggested spiro and here I am. The results: For the fi
  5. Hi Dani, I experienced this side effect (in addition to many others!) from Accutane over 10 years ago. I was pretty devastated at the time, but it grew back in over the next year or so and now I have totally normal hair. So, try not to stress, you'll mane will be back soon. In the meantime, take a multivitamin, eat and sleep well and get some good volumizer! (: Happy Holidays. O:)
  6. thanks Animal! OKay- 2 weeks now on spiro, erythro, clindamycin. So far so good. i don't have anything super miraculous to report, but I think I am seeing slow, steady improvement. A lot of the small, bumpy pimples on my cheeks and forehead are drying up and clearing, my nose pores definately seem smaller, and I haven't gotten any new big zits. So I give this new regimen a cautious YAY! I'm still washing with Johnson's Baby soap and using Nivea oil free moist. I've added 3% hydrogen pe
  7. Yea, Cetaphil was useless for taking off my makeup and I also had a bad reaction to the sodium lauryl sulfate in it. I use Johnson's baby soap in bar form - about 2 bucks for 2 bars in the diaper isle.
  8. Ani, That is amazing that your husband has not seen you without makeup!! I am also a lover of the makeup and don't go out without it but regularly hang around the house bare-faced, zits and all, with my hubby of 3.5 years. Before we got married I was mortified about the idea of him seeing me without makeup on a bad face day. I had all kinds of plans to avoid being bare faced- turn out the lights fast, get up first, etc. but then I got a little lazy and also realised that he didn't even notic
  9. Hi there- okay it's only been 5 days, but I thought I would give an inital report. The face has had mild improvement- nothing dramatic, but better rather than worse. I also think my nose pores are smaller (could be an illusion!) Also, no side effects- suspected stomach upset but haven;t had any. Also, my husband was a little concerned about libido on the spiro- but no problems there either Okay- more soon. So far so good.
  10. Yep, a daily vit is a good idea. Try to get something with a natural binding agent and with low or no iodine (this is a major break out factor!).
  11. Hi all, It's been a while but I'm back. The support of this community is excellent. I'm back with a new regimen. It's been a tough couple of months. Although I thought bp was going to be my miracle cure, I think there are hormonal issues that still need to be delt with. (DISCLAIMER: I don't want to bash Dan's regimen- it has been miraculous for some and is well worth a try! It just isn't woking for me.) I was on bp for about 6 months. I had a tough start and then I had a couple of re
  12. Okay- here's the low-down. I am liking this stuff- not loving yet, but I think I am getting used to how to put it on. I have used Mary Kay oil free in the past- this is pretty heavy stuff and very matte. In comparison, the Teint Idole feels very light and leaves a more "dewy" than matte look. Teint Idole goes on incredibly smooth- very easy to apply- and has buildable coverage over marks. The colors are excellent- I have tried the lightest beige (01), porcellin, and ivory and I can get away with
  13. Hi all, Anyone tried this? Was told is was oil-free but not as drying as MaquiControl. Would love to hear any opinions. I got a sample and will report my own experience back.
  14. Fiona

    Here goes...

    Thanks for the support frances! As for the other front... we keep getting nervous As each month rolls around we get excited about the prospect of babies... and then proceed to freak out a little at the idea of being parents and decide to hold off one more month and keep protection handy. We're hopeless! But I think we'll get there soon. Once we start trying in earnest it still may be a long while before I get pregnant so we should probably get the show in the road! I think the bi
  15. Fiona

    Here goes...

    It's been over a month since I updated- been a hectic (but good) time lately! But I have much to share. The face has been through some traumatic experiences lately- but everything is coming right. 1st- Vita K and my skin DO NOT agree!! I wanted so much for this stuff to work- so I probably used it longer than I should have considering it's effects. It burned my skin for a start- not a good sign. But I thought I could tough it out. :roll: Then it began to break me out like nothing else