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  1. I get these on my chin a few times a year during times of stress, hormones from my period, etc... The best treatment I can suggest, which has worked WONDERS for me since I started Dan's regiment last year is to take Advil or any other anti-inflamatory OTC pills as soon as you notice the cyst. Keep taking it according to directions, every 4 hours or so. I would also ice it as well if it gets sore and red. Be careful not to apply the ice for very long. Follow Dan's regiment, but I also pu
  2. Suebecca

    *Kept breakouts to a minimum *Wasn't too harsh for my skin *No redness from BP *Refining Mask worked wonders for spot-treatment for the 1st 5 months, then lost effectivness *I hated the cleanser. It was rough and didn't foam. Weird. *Price and size of products. Do the math yourself. DKR vs. Proactiv- no comparison. You get more bang for your buck w/ Dan's products. *Was not effective on my cystic acne. I don't get many cysts (many 4 a y
  3. I love the smaller sizes for travelling. I know Proactiv has a similar size that was nice when I used it... Dan, you should start marketing that size for a travel kit... I know I would purchase it.
  4. It just automatically deducts the shipping costs. I know... I just ordered the reigment, plus the oil. It was a sweet deal and I'm loving the oil.
  5. Well, I have to report that customer service just emailed me and will be sending a brand new mositerizer and cleanser at no additional charge. I'm very impressed! Great job Dan and Staff! Kudos to you!
  6. I just ordered and got my products today and the moisterize and cleanser leaked. UGH! My box was quite saturated and I'm pretty disappointed. I get things happen, but this seems to be a problem. I emailed customer service... maybe they should start going back to the plastic wrapping?