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  1. I thought Chinese warm and cooling foods was a load of nonsense in relation to acne. However, after years of occasional short term success my acne was still there and I thought it was worth a shot. I obtained a warm/hot food list and started to eliminate these. Mainly, chicken, ham, cinnamon, mustard and chilli. Within a couple of days my facial acne has gone and I'll be continuing this for now.
  2. I have reduced the amount of fluoride in my diet and my acne has almost completely gone. My water supply has no added fluoride. I believe by changing my toothpaste and not consuming food and drink that have high levels of fluoride such as tea, potatoes and grapes has been the reason for my success over the last four weeks. Previously, I was getting approx 5 new spots a day, but now some days none and maybe a couple a week and only small ones. Hoping this may help others.
  3. After reading an article that stated a study had found insulin-resistance effects lasts for a week after coffee consumption, I decided to try giving up caffeine for at lease a week and avoid coffee, coke, chocolate and anything else with caffeine in it's ingredients. Previously, I had stopped consuming the above food and drinks for at least a week, but never all at the same time. In the last week my acne has cleared completely from being 5+ new spots a day I Hope this information helps s
  4. Untrue. How so? If the goal is to lose weight or hormonal stabilization then when we eat way down on the list of priorities. There's an underlying hierarchy of importance. At the top of the hierarchy is total amount of the macronutrients by the end of the day and the quality of the said macros. Distantly below that is the precise timing of those nutrients. My point is, quality over timing. Yes there are arguments to be made for hormonal responses but if one is eating real nutrient dense foods t
  5. This intermittent fasting is really working. I am now totally clear of acne after only 7 days and I can easily cope with not eating until 12PM each day. I now just use a simple soap to wash with and no need for BP etc. I eat whatever I want between 12PM & 8PM. If only I knew about this 20 years ago, as I think I could have retired by now on the amount of money I would have saved.
  6. Acne has been bothering me for 20 years. I read that avoiding breakfast helps acne and decided to give that a try after trying just about everything. There were a couple of reviews of this idea on here, but not many people appeared to have tried it. After a week of avoided eating until 12PM and after 8PM my acne has improved considerably and I don't suffer with hunger. I have also ate my usual foods including chocolate, biscuits and cakes. This obviously won't help everyone, as some pe
  7. Day 10 Have been drinking 250ml of Kefir water twice daily. My back is is totally clear for the first time in years just using my regular soap. Face is almost clear, but am just getting the odd small spot that disappears pretty quickly using Manuka Honey (24 UMF), which I believe is really helping in conjunction with the Kefir water. I now just use Manuka Honey (24 UMF) as a mask before I wash my face. This can be for a few minutes before or overnight. No soap or other other creams. I also l
  8. I'm now on day 2 of drinking 500ml of Kefir water each day. Results are positive with a couple of new spots today, compared to maybe 6 on a normal day. My skin is very inflamed and I'm using just pure jojoba and this maybe purging a little, so I'm hoping for more positve results in a day or so. Also, I am not following any diet restriction at all and eating junk food. My Kefir was made with the grains, 1000ml of filtered water, 3 tablespoons of golden caster cane sugar and some Sun Maid Natura
  9. I have been trying to figure out why when away from home, my acne improves. My diet and exercise plan are the same and I have looked into different water types and also the amount of sun I was exposed to without finding any explanation. Today, I was washing my hands with liquid hand soap and realised how much I use and that I don't take the liquid soap away with me. I started researching absorbing of chemicals through the skin and it appears that this can happen. Could a chemical in the s
  10. I failed after 2 days, so now back on Day 1
  11. Day 2 - Acne pretty much the same, but there is a definate reduction in oil on my forehead. My holiday was ski-ing, so I didn't see any saltwater and the latest trip the sun was limited.
  12. I couldn't figure out that when I was on vacation with a friend that my acne went away. I looked at my diet during the vacation to see if there were any changes or if I was eating more organic food and found no changes and I still used the same soap etc. On a recent visit to the Doctors he concluded that I must just have too much testosterone and had to live with it. At the time I thought it was a very unhelpful response, but a few weeks later it got me thinking. During my vacation I did not mas
  13. I have removed onion, garlic and leeks from my diet and today my face is completely acne free. They are all member of the same food family that also includes garlic and chives. I have also removed peanuts from my diet, as these also broke me out. I would normally have new acne everyday and had done so for the last 20 years. Removing these foods from my diet was not easy. Sometimes onion powder and garlic are disguised as spices in listed ingredients. Ketchup caught me out, but I've eventually
  14. I have believed for a long time after many years of trying different soaps, lotions, tablets etc etc that my skin problems were diet related. Not bad diet related, but just something in my diet that was causing my breakouts. Now at 37 years old I had enough money to afford a food intolerance test which pointed to reactions to Yeast and Soya. Following a few weeks of reducing these items from my diet the results were not encouraging, but it had made me aware of how many ingredients go into food