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  1. Because my skin still sucks thanks to redmarks and I'm almost 7 months post accutane! My pale skin is just making my redmarks look even worse, so I'm thinking of using the tanning beds a couple of times a month for the next 8-12 weeks until I can just start getting a real tan. What do you think guys? I've also been thinking of asking my doc for retin-a, but I really don't know if I can go through another god knows how many months of dry, red, sensitive skin. I had enough of that crap on accuta
  2. I'll be 5 months post next week and the red/pink marks are still here. Seems like the general opinion is that traces of the drug stay in your system for 6-12 months. So I'm going to give it until the end of December or so and if I haven't seen a significant difference in the marks by then, I'm going to contact my derm again and see if he can give me something.
  3. Bumping this thread rather than starting a new one. I need some help, folks! Basically, I've been offered laser treatment for my "scars" which in my opinion are very minor, however my redmarks are very prominent. I told the doctor and nurse that I wanted to treat the redmarks, not the scars which don't really bother me and the nurse said that in her opinion, turning down the laser treatment, which would be free on the NHS, would be a mistake because it's the best treatment around. Looking at t
  4. My derm fed me the same line. Yet almost 5 months post I've still got lots of redmarks. They are fading, but very slowly. Try not to get so down about them (easier said than done I know) but take it from someone who has tried everything to speed up the process from exfoliators, to eating a paleo diet to green smoothies, when it comes to redmarks, time seems to be the best healer. Stressing about it has done me no good, so I'm trying my hardest now to think about them as much.
  5. Stop stressing and have a few bites of cake! It's a birthday party. If you're worried you'll fall down a never ending spiral of cake and junk eating after a small slice of cake though, fair enough. I understand. Some people say they'll just have one piece or one drink and that turns into 3 or 4. If you're worried this might happen, just say you're full after the meal.
  6. So as of yesterday I'll be about 4 and a half months post accutane and at least 18-24 months since I really started to think about my diet and how it could have effected my acne. Despite this, my cheeks are still full of red marks and I've even been getting 1 or 2 tiny whiteheads here and there. They go within a day or two, so it's no biggie, but the fact I'm still getting little breakouts and my redmarks still aren't fading too good, despite eating 90% meat, veg and fruit, is making me think th
  7. It can take up to 12 months for accutane to be out of your system and even then it's not guaranteed the side-effects will go away. I'm 4 and a bit months post and I stopped moisturising about a week ago and my skin seems to look and feel lot better. My redmarks look better, my skin isn't really dry or anything. It might be worth quitting the moisturiser. (Unless you're still dry of course)
  8. I tend to eat salmon everyday and have done for a good few months, which probably isn't healthy, but it's done nothing bad for my skin. Barely had so much as a breakout in that time. I actually have this little book which lists 25 of the best "super foods" you can eat and salmon came top. Eating it just once a week can help keep your heart healthy apparently. I have it in sandwiches with avocado (another on the list) and salad.
  9. What's the big problem with grains? They're generally cheap and affordable. Which is a major benefit to people out there who don't earn enough money to purchase fresh veg, meat and fruit on a daily basis. I'm all for healthy eating, my diet is actually about 85-90% paleo anyway, but I still think it's an unreasonable diet to follow for most. Especially people still at school, which is probably 2/3's of this site. A better alternative than pills and harsh chemicals, but too disruptive and unr
  10. Exfoliating removes the dead skin cells on your face and helps newer ones grow quicker. (Or something like that) I found a tube of some fancy stuff my mum got given as a gift and I've used it this past two nights. As a general rule, you probably shouldn't exfoliate more than 2-3 times a week, but this one says and feels like it will be safe enough to use perhaps everyday. I just make sure to moisturise afterwards.
  11. Anyone got any opinions? I usually have a green smoothie within the next hour.
  12. I know this should probably be posted in the accutane board, but I was hoping for the opinions of some of the holistic experts only found here. So I finished accutane about 3 and a half months ago. All I have left is redmarks. Since then I've been on a mission to clear them through diet and what have you. Things are getting better, but I've begin to wonder if all the vitamin a I'm taking in from spinach and carrots is actually helping. I have at least 150-200 grams of spinach a day in the for
  13. Actually they will, that's what my derm said. You shouldn't listen to some of the people here. Your derm is wrong. Accutane is in your system for a long time even after you finish. There's a reason you're not supposed to have any scar treatments done until you're at least 6 months post. Your skin is still extremely sensitive and very thin. The severity of your acne has to be taken into account of course and the redder they are, the longer they'll be around.
  14. No they don't. I'm 3 and a half months post accutane and mine are still quite prominent. I'm expecting/hoping for a big improvement in the next 4-6 weeks though.
  15. How the hell can you eat that for breakfast man? A glass of milk, peanut-butter on toast or a muffin are better choices. Or just take it with your biggest meal of the day.