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  1. I've just had my 10th treatment yesterday. I've had 5 from restore and 5 from re:pair. My doctor had adviced me to stop on the treatments and wait 6 month (Oct/2008) then do a follow up with her. So far I am not seeing a big improvement w/ the re:pair series. Also i've was told there is going to be another upgrade coming out and Fraxel is in the midst of testing the system. So far 3 treatments is still required for it. mm2ndj, I don't think 3 treatment will resolve your scarring.
  2. I've been through it as well and am still going through it. Just yesterday I had one and it was the worst feeling ever. Usually I get numb and dont feel like anything for the day but we have to try our best and face the world the following day. For now, we can try comforting ourself and stay positive but I definately know what your going through. Feel free to share your feelings, we are all here to help one another.
  3. Hi to all - can't seem to see the pictures - any suggestions how to view? TIA. I already took em off. You can pm me. I'll share em w/ u.
  4. The downtime is less for Re:pair because I am only doing spot treatment on scarred areas. My doctor only does 2 passes per cheek as I don't want to look unpresentable the following Monday. The first 5 treatment, you can check the number of passes on my signature. But It took me ~6 days to heal and look presentable enough to public. Then ~2 weeks too look normal and less irriated. I use to always peel on the 5th day (the dead skin flakes right off my face). There is no difference in t
  5. I had scars that look like that too (wavy like). I still have them but they are more smooth and leveled. But the first picture remind me of what I use to look like when I took pictures in the same angle. It will look better once you have new collagen produced in those depressed areas.
  6. I agree, 20MJ is kindda low for treating scars. I think my doctor has become more experienced and even suggested that I go 70 MJ and up.
  7. Wow, i guess it might not work for everyone. I remember starting my treatments before you did. I am curious where Billyboy and everyone else's (started about the same period as me) result is like. Best of luck to you.
  8. My old photos were aweful lookin. I use to post them up quite often on this forum and vent about my messed up life! Now i have to admit that my skin looks alot better both tone and texture wise. It use to be extremely red (hyper-pigmented) and scars were very much indented. I believe Fraxel was the catalyst to my improvement. You won't see a significant improvement until after your 5th treatment and then more on the following months. Now that I checked, it has been little more than 1 yea
  9. Hey guys, I tried to stay connected with this post but I don't visit this site like I use to (which is a good thing for us to do). Here is an update, I definately think that Fraxel is worth to try. My skin is far worse 2-3 years back. I also feel more confident & relaxed with myself now as my scars improved. I no longer struggle to find what works and don't on this forum (You can view my old post for history). Athough my skin isn't perfect (in my eyes) but its good to finally find some
  10. I been through all this since I've dealt with acne scarring for over 3 yrs now. You have to accept the skin that you have now and try to move on. If having smooth skin means lot to you (like me) then you should find a way to treat it. I use to question why everything happened to me but it won't help fix your skin. It's gonna take time for your skin to improve with and without treatments. I've also learn that it is easier to do more harm to your skin than good. My initial scarring wasn't e
  11. That is a big improvement. The scars in the before picture are deep. However, if I were her, I would get more treatments.
  12. I've just started new series of treaments w/ the new system. I'm still very much bothered by my surgical scar.
  13. Don't touch it for at least 1-2 wks. I'm assuming you had done chemical peel.
  14. Yeah, I'm usually red for like two weeks... that's at 40mJ. My derm said 40mJ is the highest *they* go. I believe the machine is capable of 70? Heh, I wouldn't be surprised if they limit the settings so people require more treatments! IF and when I get any more SR1500's.. which I'm skeptical about doing due to COMPLETE UTTER AND TOTAL LACK OF RESULTS on my shallow dark red marks (the main thing I was treating) after 3 sessions.. I'm going to demand they take it to atleast 50... bah. "Can I ha