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  1. i personally wouldnt finish the course early and if you want a few beers or even the odd night out then do it but rehydrate with loads of water after. im no expert, just what i would do in your position
  2. no nothing at all on or around my lips. if it causes you any problems then id stop using it straight away but i had no problems at all. hope the treatment goes well
  3. i didnt feel totally happy with how it was working for me until about a month after i finished! the way i saw it was the more my skin broke out the more of the crap it was getting rid of. the acne is deep routed in your skin and has to get worse before it gets better. stick with it unless it gets really bad an then go back to see your doc
  4. its by far the best thing i used. in the post above iv made a list of other things i used that helped me. forgot to mention i used boots fragrance free shampoo and conditioner which also helped alot! hope the treatment goes well!
  5. i got paranoid about this too and now iv finished my hairs just as it always was but a little less greasy. i used boots fragrance free shampoo and conditioner to moisturise my scalp without irritating it. basically i just tried to use the least harsh products i could that wer effective. unless your noticing considerable hair loss i really wouldnt let it bother you. your bound to lose a few extra hairs with your scalp drying, plus with checking constantly like i did means you probably think its f
  6. ye they stil sell it. i went through a stick every 2 weeks or so whereas with other ones it was about one every few days! only really have to re apply it every few hours aswell! other products i used and really found to help wer cetaphil face wash and cyclax vitamin e moisuriser http://www.pharmacy2u.co.uk/cetaphil-gentl...nser-p3093.html http://www.semichem.co.uk/p-2227-cyclax-vi...ream-300ml.aspx the moisturiser is really cheap so i was never bothered about putting loads on. dont get
  7. as im sure everyone who takes accutane realises it dries your lips out alot! well i finished my course about 3 months ago and am 95% clear and very happy with the results up to now... anyway just thought id share with you the best product i found for my lips... it was a hemp lip balm from the body shop. i live in the uk but am sure you can get it mail ordered elsewhere, it was a million times more effective than anything else i tried and once i started using it my lips wer not a problem anymore
  8. use the water left over when making soups
  9. does not sound bad.. do you have a good blender? :P If so... try cutting out the ginger ye the ginger was definately an overpowering flavour so i will be cutting that out next time. im really into cooking so am gna experiment an see what i can make! the passion fruit definately added a nice flavour. next one im thinking is mango, pineapple, passion fruit, one of the milder green leaves (prob gem lettuce) and water. oh and the blender is decent, made it into a nice consistency, just went a
  10. you say youv got clear skin now so maybe the accutane just took 3 courses to work? i took accutane 10 years ago and then a year ago i started to get cysts on my neck which became worse and more frequent so im now on my second course. weird thing is the first time my neck was totally clear and now this time my face is clear (except the odd few).so iv got similar worries that things will flare up again! my problems seem to coincide with when i was smoking weed so that is definately something im c
  11. i have just made my first one. think its gna take a while for me to perfect it because it was horrible but i forced it down. 1 green apple, 1 banana, 1 passion fruit, 1 handfull mixed berries, 2 handfulls spinach, large piece of ginger and 2 glasses water the berries and ginger will be getting swerved next time! im on accutane aswell for another 3 months but everything iv read in this topic seems to make sense so why not hey!
  12. im on month 3 and mine is still getting worse but feel that the cysts are being brought to the surface so the more they do that im thinking the more shit its bringing out and once that is done it can start to clear. id maybe suggest upping the doseage to your dermatologist. im 5'11 and weigh 190lbs.i was started on 40mg for month one,60mg month two and am now on 80 mg for the final 4 months and 1 week. your supposed to have 1mg accutane for every kg of bodyweight so really you should be on 60mg.