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  1. 27 year old female with mild - moderate acne. Starting on 30mg daily. Truly have tried everything else and tired of being ugly and hiding under make up. Please do your thing accutane!
  2. Hair cuts and dentist - I can relate to. I avoid flipping the sunblock down in the car when the sun is shining incase i catch a glimpse of myself in the little unforgiving mirror. Contrastingly I Check the mirror in every room for different lighting before i leave the house. Reapplying make up throughout the day (hate it) I have one kitchen cupboard that has the whole of holland and Barrett in it - all supplements supposedly meant to help acne. Also another bathroom cupboard full of every
  3. Not so good. I can't tell if its the IB or my face just getting worse since it was progressively getting worse before I went on it. I can't even leave the house so I'm so emotionally worn right now :(. I hope it starts to clear up soon. I am on such a low dosage so Itll take a while for it to take effect I guess What's the reason for the low dose? I did read about a girl on here who took 10mg for a year and it worked beautifully without harsh side effects. Im dreading an IB but I guess it
  4. Hey lovely people. I joined acne.org 10 years ago under a different profile that I deleted after making this account in 2010. Needless to say I have been battling against acne for a long time. I am now 27 with two children and this year my world turned upside down with the break down of my marriage. My acne has been affected by this and more persistent than ever before. My picking has also been out of control. After exploring all other avenues I finally paid for a private derm and yes
  5. Microdermabrasion is a type of exfoliation so it will help to resurface the skin; improving texture, hyperpigmentation and scarring. Great for Acne scarring but can irritate active acne just like over exfoliating with a scrub can do more harm than good.
  6. I'm a beauty therapist training further in electrical treatments such as microdermabrasion, micro-current, etc. I'm currently learning about Galvanic and high Frequency facials which are suitable and ideal for oily and congested skin. In the training environment we have to practice on each other which I normally love (lots of free treatments) however I'm doing the regimen and cannot have the proper galvanic facial. I was just wondering if anyone has had such a course of facials and what results
  7. To the best of my memory and going on average .......... Before the regimen: 2 new papsules a day at least 5 new pustules a day (plus loads of tini tiny bumps under the skin) Comedones around nose, chin and cheeks. First time doing regimen: Week 1 - 3 3/4 new papsules a week 4 pustules a day (still quite a few tiny bumps) comedones around the nose and chin Week 4 - 6 2 new papsules a week 2 new pustules a day Comedones around nose Then breakouts decreased to nothing except maybe 1 pustul
  8. Thanks for the replies guys, for anyone who is interested I'm just updating my progress on the regimen for a second time. Im in week 3 and still breaking out however these breakoust are not as bad as before the regimen and they are getting less severe as time goe son. I'm just at that stage where the dryness is started to become a problem. I hate the way in less than a couple of hours after leaving the house in the morning by skin starts going patchy n scaly..... but it's all worth it in the lon
  9. Im in my second week of starting the regimen for a second time (if you want to know why I stopped doing the regimen then please read my previous post) and in terms of progress I feel like I'm in week 4 from when I did the regimen the first time so I'm very happy with the quick progress. My skin is currently horrible but I think the bad inital breakout is over earlier than before. What I've noticed is my breakouts are all around my main lymph nodes which I dnt really understand, is it to do wit
  10. Holy CRAP you're hot.


  11. If someone had told me that I would get cocky and stop using the BP once I was clear I would of slapped them silly, however this is exactly what I did! I was doing the regimen for 2 months before I became 100% clear (minus the odd tinie tiny spot every now and then), after a while I found that it suited me better to only apply the BP before bed. I found I could do this without causing any breakouts. Things were going good but I was due to go away on holiday so I decided to give my skin a break
  12. What a crappy salon - did they make you complete a consultation card before any treatment or did you tell a porky about not being on accutane?
  13. I would say just use an antiseptic healing cream like sudocream or savlon and wait it out, the main thing is you don't want it to get infected! Did you have it done at a salon?
  14. Various pictures showing my progress on the regimen and a large collection of terrible pajammas.