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  1. So I notice that I haven't been eating as healthy as I should. I'm going to try a new diet and see if it clears up my skin - I'm also trying to get into shape. So I have cut out red meat so far. I have read online that gluten is an inflammatory that actually can cause acne-prone skin to flare up - which is in most dairy products. I also read that soy milk can cause you to break out because of the hormones, and regular milk as well can cause you to flare up because of the hormones in it too. So w
  2. If you don't pop it And het the gunk out then where does that crap go?
  3. I do agree it's better to use a pad then a brush. But I have a question? i've been seeing this jojoba oil on alot of people's daily regimen's, but what exactly is it? Doesn't the oil clog your pores or make you more oily? Right now I just use my gentle foaming cleanser from neutrogena to remove makeup -Thanks!
  4. Hey you guys I was wondering is anybody using anything while they are on accutane to help with the redness or red marks or scarring? Right now I am just using Neutrogena foam cleanser and Neutrogena oil free moisture spf 15 (which i am planning to switch to a different moisturizer tomorrow).
  5. It is kinda difficult, it usually takes me a long time to cover all the crap up . I use a liquid foundation from Neutrogena, which i apply with a sponge/wedge. Then, i use a concealer stick (from Neutrogena) and put it on wherever i still see marks. It's better to put your concealer on after your foundation, some people disagree, but it just seems to help cover better.
  6. Thank you guys for the replies! Today was my tenth dose, I'm not noticing much improvement, my skin seems to be purging. I think after I run out of this moisturizer I'm using right now from Neutrogena I'm going to switch to cetaphil. The neutrogena moisturizer i use is oil free, but i notice when i put it on it makes my face red, so as soon as i run out i'll buy the one from cetaphil. Also, i'm kinda confused as to making a consistent accutane log, how do i make posts to just one blog/post? I
  7. Thank you for the response! Has your doctor changed your dose at all or is planning on changing it? I think my doc is moving me up to 80 or 60 a day on my next appointment. How long does the initial breakout usually last? I'm hoping my breakout won't be that bad for prom in late April ( Also, is there anything that will help with scarring or will most the scars be gone by the end of the treatment? As I had mentioned before in my reply back to thirty and hopeful, my scars are more of a reddish/p
  8. Thank you for the response! I'm not quite sure on what would help a flaking scalp, there might be some shampoos or conditioners that could help with it though? But if your hair starts to dry maybe you could try washing it like every other day and make sure to use a good conditioner. Also stay away from hair products with harsh chemicals in it as that will irritate it more. Best of luck!
  9. Thanks for the reply! I am hoping I will be somewhat clear for prom, which is in April, and won't be going through an initial breakout during that time. Also I'm hoping the same for graduation at the beginning of June. I have a few questions though. My acne is more like severe, well it's not exactly cystic but it's just that I have it all over. They're basically all pretty much white heads. What do I do with these white bumps when they surface? Is it better to pop them or do you leave them al
  10. Today has been my third day on amnesteem. I have been getting alot of headaches lately, maybe it's because I've been soooo stressed out with school (last semester of high school!). I don't see that much of a difference in my skin except that I'm not as oily and don't feel as greasy/oily as i used to be as the day progressed.
  11. I have the same habit of picking skin! It's hard not to though especially when it's just begging for you to. Your skin doesn't look that bad at all though! I am on my third day of amnesteem and i've been experiencing alot of headaches, is this common? Maybe it's because I've been stressed out with school and all. Also, does anyone know how to change your blog settings? On the settings it says i set it to allow people to post replys but someone sent me a message saying they can't (sorry I'm ne
  12. Hi I was wondering if everyone goes through an initial breakout while on amnesteem/accutane or is it only with certain individuals/acne? I've been reading alot of posts saying that it is very common to go through a really bad breakout consisting of cystic acne, but my dermatologist said alot of people actually start seeing results within the first month. I'm on amnesteem right now, 40 mg once a day. *3rd day Thank you! Cassie
  13. Hey everyone today is my first day on accutane, i posted a blog with more information on my background with breakouts/treatment and what not, if anyone could take the time to read it and give some input it would help alot. thanks!