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  1. I've been using Ziana for about 2-3 months now and recently bought an AHA/BHA complex. I've been washing my face, applying a little of the complex on some spots and then applying some ziana once it has dried. It feels a little tingly and that it might be working, is this little regimen okay?
  2. Okay so currently I have some cystic acne on my cheeks, I either wash my face with Cetaphil gentle cleanser or Max clarity 2.5% bp wash. I just want to make sure Im not being stupid... Topically I mostly use a retin-a (ziana) and sometimes use an azalexic acid (idk the name) Yet, recently I purchases an AHA/BHA complex to hopefully improve the healing of some of the cysts. When should I use this? Morning or night? And is using the AHA/BHA bad with the retinol?
  3. smoking will screw your face up, trust me. I had very minor acne from age 15-17 and then started smoking both weed/cigs for exactly a year, in that year my face was at its worst, especially cystically. 2 weeks after I quit everything began to get better, TRUST ME!
  4. No it has helped me in every spot but one big one so i'm just hoping I can combine the two without any problems
  5. Im currently on doxy and have been since feb. Recently I re-discovered the dermacleanse capsules from zenmed...they worked for me the last time I took them about a year ago. I'm wondering is it okay if I'm taking both of these? Is one hurting the other or hurting me in general?
  6. dude its such crap... I ordered that BeautySkin light device so maybe it'll help...you should look into it too haha
  7. So heres the deal. In the summer months I'm usually tan (naturally due to the fact im italian), acne free, and happy Yet right now I find myself rather paler than usual and breaking out quite frequently. I feel like this happens every year too. I have a tanning bed I can use and I'm thinking that if I use it a few minutes here and a few minutes there it might give me that little color I need, and little sunlight my skin is dying for. Do you think this would just make it worse?
  8. Well if you drink decaf that shouldnt be a problem. Tea is only harmful if you drink it to hot (to much body heat) and if it has to much caffeine. If you drink it lukewarm or cool then it has 0 negative effects on your body
  9. http://health.usnews.com/usnews/health/hea...r-superbugs.htm http://www.sciencebase.com/science-blog/an...-green-tea.html just google "green tea and antibiotics"
  10. hello all i was watching the news this morning and did some research to follow it. What i learned was that green tea will make your antibiotic up to 100% more effective in some cases. So if you're on DORYX, doxycycline etc try drinking a cup with your pill and a glass of water to follow. Also, if you drink a few more cups it would probably only benefit you and the pill even more
  11. Yeah by sitting in a smoke filled rooom you're just asking for a break out... I think marijuana just has a heavy effect on hormones personally
  12. Well i am going to attempt to detox and quit for the next 30 days... Im going to see what the effect is on my skin and let you guys know day by day if you are interested. Ive decided it is hindering the effects of my antibiotics, and is causing a minor flare up here and there. So let the water drinking, sweating and lack of smoke begin
  13. Yeah i know what you mean Jarrit because when i smoke a lot...i break out and when i dont smoke it at all i break out. I feel like Ziana is a joke though to be honest unless i need to be putting more on? IDK
  14. I guess weed really isnt that big of a deal compared to ciggerates for the skin as long as you dont smoke THAT much. I think my cystic acne may be a cause of Iodine though because every time I eat eggs or fast food i get a few. And yes iodized salt is heavily in fast food FYI! As for the ziana and doxy...I have to say i havent really seen that much of an affect from either, but maybe its because its only been a week or two?. If anything when i wake up though the ziana seems to make my face not
  15. i smoked it from about last february untill now and now have thought about quitting. But within the first week or two of cutting down/quitting i seem to be breaking out a lot more. I don't smoke cigs at all. But i usually smoke just a little bit everyday its not like im pounding down grams of that stuff every day haha I really don't want to go on accutane though, i've heard to much about that stuff. I'm currently using Finacea in the morning as a topical and Ziana at night with doxycycline 1