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  1. Hey! So I'm checking while I am still clear. It seems as though once I am back "on" taking care of myself it becomes more of a lifestyle that I don't have to think about. I only occasionally find myself eating dairy or sugar now. I have adjusted my routine for the summer (which means I amped up my BP to a full finger length). Doing this in the winter leads to cracked skin and breakouts. While using very little BP in the summer leads to very oily skin. So I have to control the oil in the summer
  2. As promised, I wanted to check in while I am clear. I am clear. Yes, 2 weeks after the Breakout (capitalization intentional) I am back to my clear skin self. How’d I do it? Lifestyle. It sounds like a lot, but here goes nothing. LOW GI DIET You pretty much need to eat like a diabetic if you have acne skin. So say goodbye to things that spike your blood sugar, like candy and pop. If you’re going through a bad breakout, I highly recommend cutting out all gluten for a bit like bread so you
  3. Thanks for the reply! I'm not sure which photos you're talking about, I haven't posted any in years. But pores don't "open." They kind of just stay the same. Maybe they become more supple with warmth. That's just what I found through researching skin that pores don't open and close with steam and whatnot. While I agree that salt may be abrasive, I am very gentle with the Epsom Salt masks. I mix it with water and salt into a paste, apply to my skin, wait until it dries, then pat off with a wa
  4. So since I got my breakout 2 weeks ago, I got about 6 active zits on my face. That were not “normal” small breakouts. I have this reoccurring pimple/cyst thing on my upper cheek that finally decided to rear it’s ugly head during this breakout. Before it would swell up, remain a blind cyst, then go back down after a couple of days (which I was thankful for). BUT IT CAME OUT WITH A VENGEANCE. The beast of the zit on my upper cheek was leaky for about a week and I had to massage out the infecti
  5. Checking in whilst broken out in a cyst! Go me. I was clear leading up to this for MONTHS. And then blammo: big giant cyst under my eye. What happened is I took on this new project at work that caused me a ridiculous amount of stress. Like I felt like I was having a heart attack at points. I was also dealing with IDENTITY THEFT. Yes, I am serious. It was a rollercoaster. On top I moved and my lease was expiring, so I was stressed about finding a place to live. Did I mention taxes? Or c
  6. It feels a lot worse than it looks. That's what I keep telling myself. After a year of having clear skin on my face, my shoulder on the right side was still broken out despite using the same routine as I did on my face. I got over zealous reading about tea tree oil (TTO) that I decided I should use the soap (Soapworks from Bulk Barn) as my cleanser rather than water. The first couple weeks of using the TTO soap I broke out, but the zits were relatively painless, white heads that went a
  7. Reading over my blog it really makes it seem like my skin is always bad. This is not true. For nearly a year I've been clear through: -DKR Regime (1 a day in the winter, twice in the summer, adjusting to humidity) -Epsom Salt Baths with mask made out of salt applied to my face and back 1-3 times a week -Zinc/Vitamin D supplementation -Low GI diet (or at least cut back on sugar and milk) -Working out/sweating 3-5 times a week -Green Smoothies (basically a fruit smoot
  8. Hey! So remember that Tea Tree Oil (TTO) soap I introduced into my regime. Ya. It broke me out. It cleared the couple pimples on my back. But then it gave me a red lump on my face. That went away. But then all these tiny white heads have now come to the surface. I have one little blackhead come to the surface and it was so red, so painful, and so small. I went into the washroom cause I couldn't handle the pain and gently squeezed it out. What came out was a tiny little ball. It was odd
  9. I'm just reflecting on my acne a bit. The ups and downs. I sort of realize that the acne on my chin is almost identical to the acne on my shoulders. Both spread like wildfire when there's a breakout. And both respond well to BP and time. It's almost like it needs to be disinfected and all the bacteria needs to be killed and that's how it keeps clear. But it's soooo prone to infection and irritation. The acne on my right shoulder is so stubborn. I have 3 pimples there that have been the
  10. Honestly, I wanted to check in because I have been for the most part clear since January. Almost a year. I basically kept up the regime. And when my skin became oily, I made sure to pay special care to what I was doing. That meant supplementing more with Vitamin D during the winter. Anyway, I know I still have acne skin because my shoulders can break out. I find it's stubborn and I don't always apply BP well enough on my shoulders. So when people say I should stop putting things on m
  11. Doing something unusual: checking in while clear! Despite crazy stress and not a perfect diet, I maintained my anti acne habits and have been clear for over a month.
  12. Its like a curse: everything that is the most effective for my skin always makes it worse before it gets better. I've tried a similar homeopathic remedy: apple cider vinegar. It did not work for meat all. Sulfur has always worked for me! I soak in es then my skin literally throws up for a bit and then clears up. Im sure if I stuck to a very clean eating diet I could bypass the purge. But I love my chips, pop and chocolate too much.
  13. Epsom Salt I am writing about epsom salt as I feel it's greatly underrepresented online and a lot of the information out there doesn't reflect my skin type. So hopefully this will help someone. About my skin So I wouldn't call my skin terrible by any stretch of the imagination. Although that's not to say it hasn't greatly impacted my life including my career. I started getting acne around 12. It started to clear up when I became paleo and also vegetarian in my teens. I used to break
  14. GRAPES OF WRATH. The weather changed, and so did my skin. AND WHEN THAT HAPPENS: ACNE. I got FOUR WHITEHEADS, side by side, on the bottom of my chin. It was burning and felt like my skin was so oily. Why did this happen? -weather (obvi) -BAD DIET I really want to touch on this point: DIET. Diet has been BY FAR THE HARDEST THING. Crappy food is literally EVERYWHERE. If it's cheap and easy to get it, it's probably really bad. And we all know that. It's common sense, I get it.
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    I don't know what it is about Epsom Salts. But it always sends my body into a purge, making my skin look like a splotchy, red, broken out mess. It always clears up after a couple weeks, however. It's especially great for back acne. If you don't mind all of your infections being brought to the service at once, this is for you! Which is why I had to rate it not perfect because I cannot stand purges! What it does to my skin is rush all the blood to any area that needs healing, including scars. If