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Smells nice, got rid of some acne It cleared up some acne but it did nothing for my overall skin health, just made it a little dry and kind of flaky And It did absolutly nothing for the dark spots on my face. I would not buy this product again, and I would not recomend it to anyone.

By Zentsutsi,

None Made my face very very very shiny and oily I used this product because I wanted to try something that wouldn't dry my skin out like all the products with benzoyl peroxide did. And this did the total opposite. After a week of using this product my face was sooooo shiny and oily but it was also peeling and rough at the same time. I don't know how that's possible but that's what this product did to my face. And did I mention it did absolutly nothing for my acne NOTHING!!! I am so sick of

By Zentsutsi,

Absolutly none If you want to pay 40 + dollars for your acne to get worse than this is the perfect product for you I looked like a monster after only one week of using this CRAP. I wouldn't recomend this product to my worst enemy. Dr. Murad should be behind bars! My acne WAS moderate but after using this (so called acne treatment) my acne is severe now

By Zentsutsi,

Cleared up most of my acne it's Very drying and didn't work as well after the first two weeks If you want a product that's only good for two weeks then go ahead and try this. Other than that I would not recomend this product

By Zentsutsi,